Exclusive Details On A WWE Star That Has Gained Strong Support From John Cena To The Point Where Cena Trains With Them, How Cena's Stroke & Influence Have Skyrocketed, WWE Rookie With Strongest Backstage Support Revealed

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We noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium earlier in the week that Vince McMahon is very high up on Big E Langston and Triple H has reminded him to take things slow with him. Another source, speaking with me under the condition of anonymity, says that Vince is not the only strong supporter Langston has in the locker room.

We're told John Cena has been looking out for Langston since he got called up to the main roster and has been grooming him "every step of the way." The two of them train together on the road and our source says Cena has made it a bit of a personal project to make sure Big E is a "future headliner."

With The Rock and CM Punk not around, Cena has more stroke than ever before and is once against "the apple of Vince's eye." With Cena feeling "neglected" over the last year or so, we're told the company has been doing everything possible the last couple of weeks to keep him happy.

Between Vince and Cena, Big E Langston has more support than any new guy on the roster.

  • Nostaljack

    He was toiling in FCW and NXT for a while. This is nice to see. He isn’t ready yet but he’s got a tremendous look and his mic seems to be coming along a bit. I hope he really catches on.

  • Winnipe

    Ha ha Ryback

  • PainOfDemise

    This makes me sad. I just don’t like Big E. I never liked him watching NXT and I don’t like him now. Maybe because it seems (to me) that he takes steroids, which his horrible acne problem is a good indicator of that.

    I doubt anything he does will make me like him.

    • Xavier

      Yeah let’s hate someone off of a assumption that they take roids even though there’s no proof

      • PainOfDemise

        That’s not really the main reason I don’t like him, it’s just something I assume. I just don’t like him, period. There’s just some people that you don’t like for no reason, he’s one of them.

  • Still too early to really evaluate him.

  • John

    I like the idea of keeping him paired with Dolph Ziggler. Big man monster gimmicks never get over (Lord Tensai is now a dancing joke). Keeping him with Ziggler until he gets over is the best thing for his career.

  • AntGilroy

    His ring gear is annoying. Other than that I like him.

  • Xavier

    Big E obviously isn’t ready for a major push yet but the he’s doing a great job in the role he is in now as the bodyguard of Ziggler. I’ve also heard reports that Big E is the secret admirer of Kaitlyn who sent the hat to her. Can you confirm if that’d the plan going forward Richard if you get a chance?

    Last time McMahon, Cena & HHH were all up on a newcomer Cena put him over CLEAN AS A WHISTLE at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship and HHH worked a WM program/feud with him then put him over in a HUGE way at the following PPV, I’m talking about Sheamus of course and since then he’s had a couple of title reigns(which included a lengthy one this past year) and has received major pushes as a top heel and now a top face. So as long as Big E remains humble and continues too work hard that can only mean great things for this guy in the future. I wish him the best, it looks like the sky may be the limit for him if he continues to progress in the ring and gets caught up on the mic.

  • Now that Cena is a supporter of Big E it’s safe to say that the IWC will sour on Big E. I think I will like Big E. more when he gets away/or turns against AJ. I find her character to be annoying. The only way Big E. can become a big star in the WWE is if he turns babyface.

  • Stoney

    I have a feeling he will get push, fail to get over and be forgotten about next year. Just ask snitsky, tomko, big daddy v, kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, mike Knox, and many more
    Or become massive jokes ie tensai, khali and I may have to say brodus clay.

  • Patrick

    HHH is correct to take things slow with Big E. Vince tends to rush certain wrestlers he likes before they are ready. Ryback is the recent example of being pushed to quickly Ryback was doing fine untill his his match with CM Punk he has since lost all his PPV matches, when he was winning before the push even if it was against low named talent or jobbers on PPV he was still winning his matches. Vince has that history of rushing wrestlers before they are ready.