Update On A Current Main Event WWE Star Not Believed To Be Around For The Long Haul & Their Plans Once Their WWE Contract Is Up

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To follow-up on a story we ran last week about Alberto Del Rio talking retirement, I'm told by a source close to Del Rio that he'd actually like to have another run in Mexico after his career in WWE before he retires. Apparently all the talk of "retiring when his contract is up" is being done as a way to make the WWE office believe he's finished when his contract is up as opposed to returning to Mexico to prevent him from being buried on his way out the door.

Del Rio has saved his money well and is hoping to leave WWE on top when his contract is up, return to Mexico as a hero and work another year or two before calling it a career. My source doesn't feel this story is going to go away and the "cat and house" game between WWE and Del Rio is going to be an interesting thing to follow as time progresses.

The company is currently "desperate" for Latin stars and can't afford to completely bury Del Rio but do not have faith he's going to be around for the long haul either.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Alberto is taking a risk because if Vince figures this out or learns of it…he will bury Alberto on his way out the door.

    • kbunyon

      I'm sure VKM has already heard about this. I'm really shocked that the WWE isn't just cutting bait and finding someone else. ADR has not been the best for drawing fans. People don't seem to hate him as heels should be hated, they just seem to not care. I was pulling for him early on, but now I'm just sick of his lack of character growth and I think he needs to develop more moves that don't involve his opponent's left arm. He also needs a finisher that's not a submission hold.

      To me he seems like he really doesn't care enough to push himself and he's said a lot of things openly that I'm shocked VKM hasn't gotten mad about. Obviously he's not the right man for the role, so the WWE should look to find someone to replace him rather than nurse him along until his contract is over. VKM is usually a very smart businessman, with some obvious blunders (XFL & WWECW), but he's not being smart about this ADR situation. Hopefully they will cut their losses with ADR and move on sooner rather than later.


  • gibbons08

    I don’t care for Del Rio at all! I personally think they just keep him around and in the tittle picture for the Mexican demographic. Put Ziggler in his place, cut there loses with Alberto and get Ziggler away from those dead wieghts Vicki and Jack!

  • _JIM_

    I will never understand someone who finally accomplishes making it to the WWE, which was no doubt a life long dream, only to throw it away after being there for such a short run. If he stayed he would no doubt get a gigantic push, but that won’t happen as long as they think he could walk as soon as his current deal is up. Makes no sense to me why he would even bring up this topic and take it public. Kind of hurts the rest of his current deal because they aren’t pushing someone who’s leaving.