WWE Star Pulled From Pay-Per-View Plans, Has Backstage Heat

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R-Truth hasn't worked since the October 21, 2013 WWE Superstars taping in Memphis, Tennessee because he recently underwent oral surgery. We're told the surgery caused him to miss Hell in a Cell and that put him in the WWE doghouse. Truth was featured on the promotional poster for the show and expected to wrestle but was pulled as a result of the surgery.

Apparently Truth has heat over the scheduling of the procedure. As one observer questioned, since when does it matter that a worker featured on a promotional poster doesn't actually work the pay-per-view?

  • Giles

    Their promotional info is never right, i’m going to see Raw in Manchester next Tuesday and they’re advertising Dolph Ziggler as World Heavyweight Champion and John Cena as WWE Champion.

  • Xavier

    This really doesn’t make sense. R-Truth getting hurt and having surgery put him in the doghouse, why? It’s not like he got hurt on purpose or anything. A little off topic, I’d love to see R-Truth take on a crazy preacher gimmick. Similar to what he’s being doing on the ads advertising Hell In a Cell

    • Max Truth

      All preachers are crazy

  • Ricky

    Seems like WWE backstage politics are just getting so petty.

  • T-Zone

    Here I was thinking that the WWE star, in this case R-Truth, did somthing negative to be in the doghouse. I see no logical reasoning why he has heat for the surgery. We all know that he was a heavy smoker, which does affect the throat. I’m under the assumption he told them about the procedure in advanced. He looked and sounded fine on the HIAC kick off countdown. Plans are always subject to change, isn’t that what they promote.

    That”s not to say they couldn’t have did a segment to tease a future feud with someone. I read somewhere else, somebody mention Truth should feud with the Wyatt Family. Have them attack and abduct Truth, reverting him back to the anti-Jimmy. Truth can be more interesting that way. The potential back and forth between Truth and Bray would be interesting.

  • JS

    I don’t really get it first he had a wellness violation now he’s in the doghouse because of surgery if he couldn’t compete than he couldn’t you got to go by the doc orders if you don’t you put yourself in harm way

  • John

    I guess it was pretty clear that they were originally planning to do R-Truth and The Miz vs. The Wyatts at Hell In A Cell.. If that was the case then i’m happy he decided to get the surgery 🙂

  • Jay El Bee

    I’m just curious what that one observer is talking about. I looked at the WWE’s promotional posters for the last 4 years and could only find 1 that focused on 1 guy like the HITC poster did that didn’t wrestle at the PPV and that was Sheamus on the EC 2012 poster.