Former WWE Star Taking Time Off From Wrestling To Return To Prison... But It's Not What You Think

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After announcing he was finished in New Japan Pro Wrestling, there's been a lot of discussion about Montel Vontavious Porter.

We're told he was not fired from NJPW and actually gave notice last year. His final date ended up being the Tokyo Dome show in January and MVP left on great terms. Our source says NJPW would "definitely" use him again.

As for the television show MVP is working on with Lions Gate, we're told it's a reality program and has nothing to do wrestling.

MVP would be the host and he would travel to different prisons around the country. He would spend time with the prisoners, show the differences from some of the roughest prisons, etc. The project isn't a sure thing but it's far enough along where MVP didn't want to commit to any future dates with New Japan out of fear it could end up conflicting with the TV show at some point.

  • Michael

    That sounds great I hope that when he’s done he makes a return to wwe. Wwe needs guys like John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Bobby lashley, among others to return.

    • Please not John Morrison. Guy is another spot monkey.

  • Xavier

    Dear MVP, please comeback to the WWE

  • Very clever title. Got my attention.