WWE Stars Choosing Entrance Music, The Undertaker On Raw?, Randy Orton's Return, Tensai Falling Flat

How much input do WWE workers have regarding their entrance music?

It depends on the worker but ultimately WWE decides who comes out to what entrance music. CM Punk was able to get WWE to buy the rights to "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour as part of his new deal signed last year. Obviously the higher up someone is on the card, the more influence they have but Randy Orton once said he had Punk's old music tapped for himself but WWE gave it to Punk.

Is The Undertaker going to be on Raw's 1000th episode?

The Undertaker isn't being advertised for the 1000th episode of Raw and I haven't heard if there are plans to use him. Obviously I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up appearing due to the occasion and there has been talk of him working prior to Wrestlemania XXIX next year.

The 1000th episode of Raw takes place in St. Louis, Missouri, Randy Orton's hometown. With Randy's suspension still in affect until the following Sunday, could you see the WWE allowing him to appear at the show despite his suspension?

I don't see WWE allowing Randy Orton to appear before his suspension expires. Orton's suspension is still a delicate matter as he has considerable heat from it. The current plan is still to push him in the top of the card when he returns later this month, despite earlier rumblings he could be finished.

I don't see the Tensai gimmick going anywhere. Do you see WWE possibly bringing him back as Albert or A-Train?

I agree, I do not see the Tensai gimmick going anywhere. WWE had big expectations for the gimmick but Matt Bloom hasn't been able to get over. The gimmick has been scaled back to what it was originally slated to be but it's still stuck in monotony.

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  • Christ 4 Life

    Tenai just needs to get released, can't they see he ISN'T GETTING OVER!!!

    • Blaze

      I don't like his commentary in TNA either.

  • Kleck

    Can they bring back A-Train mid program? I mean as much as things don’t have continuity as it is, how can they simply kill the Tensai character so to speak and enter the same guy in a different uniform with the same skill set?

    • havoc525

      It could be done, but he’d get a “face” pop, so you have to be careful. Have him come out one night, in street clothes, and break character. The Undertaker has done it a couple times. Once when he called out Vince, another was on Smackdown, before the biker gimmick hit.

      • Kevin

        John Morrison also did it on ECW. He ditched the Johnny Nitro gimmick and started using John Morrison.

        • A.C.

          I agree. Bring back Prince Albert and the bicycle kick!

  • thebops

    It would almost need to be a face turn situation. Reconnecting with his American heritage, so to speak. I feel bad for Bloom. I get kinda embarrassed when he performs as Tensai.

    • Dave Barton

      I feel bad for him too. Everything I've ever heard/read about him suggests he's a genuinely nice guy.

  • Kanewty

    I wouldnt be surprised if the "took out" Tensai at the MITB match. Maybe have everyone else gang up on him, beat him down, then have Tyson Kidd(for example) do some crazy moved off a ladder putting Tensai through another ladder….
    I could also see Undertaker come out during one of Heath Slaters "legends rants" give him a choke slam, followed by a tombstone, do his pose, and leave….

  • Frenchfry

    they should have used albert as the old albert in the first place, he was fun back then

  • Blake

    When you look at the undertaker’s undefeated streak you see people like edge Batiste the big show Kane Shawn Michaels triple H and a train. Anyone who is on the board for that reason with these stars deserve better I hope he wins mitb.

    • Herman Tank

      Huh? I do? They do?

    • Christ 4 Life

      There's no chance that would EVER happen!

    • Ant

      Giant Gonzalez is on that list too. No disrespect to the deceased but he was pretty much just a guy in an ape costume that was good for a laugh. So your point?

  • DoJo

    I don’t think they can get rid of the tensai arc……. Just tweak it!!! A white guy playing an oriental character is kinda racist if you think about it lol I understand he is ‘influenced’ by his time in ‘the east’ but I cringe everytime he waves his hands like he is an extra in some 2nd rate martial arts flick!!!!! They should keep the goatee & face paint, make him wear black, move faster & put him at the head of a faction using a yakuza theme…….. Add in ryback, tatsu, sakamoto, sin cara even kharma in a chyna role and they could really take off IMO

    • Dave Barton

      I really like your concept for him, I just disagree about it being racist in any way…if anything, I could see it possibly being anti-American because he chose the Japanese lifestyle over the American lifestyle (but even then, I feel its a stretch).

  • Dave Barton

    Orton did in fact have Punk's old music (by Killswitch Engage) before Punk had it…

    • Wainwright

      Wow!! He looks so freaking Young!!

  • Drbobkelso

    Saint Louis radio stations have actually been advertising Randy Orton being there. Not sure if that would hold any water, but I thought it was interesting.


    Don't be surprised if the Viper shows up in St. Louis annyway… mark my words

  • A.C.

    Cena said fudge. Orton should too.

  • Captain Booger

    Both Tensai and the even more worthless Brodus Clay would be better off doing a series of embarrassing matches together. A diaper match would be a good start.