WWE Stars Doing DDP Yoga, Santino At Raw, Lilian Garcia Insulted

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- Wade Barrett is one of many WWE stars now doing DDP Yoga.

- Santino Marella, who is currently out with an injury, was backstage at this week's WWE Raw and participated in a segment that aired on the WWE App with Matt Striker. In the segment, Santino presented Striker with the new Very Best of WCW Nitro volume 2 DVD as "presents day" rather than President's Day.

- Lilian Garcia wrote the following on Twitter:


  • jackkedx10

    As a Hispanic, I knew where this story line was headed and I figured oh well what’s new another shot at us but I didn’t get offended. Just as a funny twist to it I like to think he is talking about Canadians for ones.

  • WNW Fan

    I assume Lilian is ‘working’ the twittousphier…lol

  • Am Hispanic too. Am not offended its storyline people. Its like if you go to a comedy club and your race is being made of along with other races. Its a joke, am not gonna be offended, am gonna laugh. But she’s probably working the internet though.

  • michael

    This storyline reminds me of Eddie and JBL in 2005. Should it be alike it will get good.

    • lll

      I thought of that too. What a great rivalry that was. Hope Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio can bring some of that same magic to their storyline.

  • wrestlingfan4life

    Remember the Nation of Domination? That was about black power. Go back further to the days of Hogan and the Iron Sheik. Remember when Sgt. Slaughter turned his back on America in favor of Russia? The WWE has had “race wars” off and on forever. It’s part of the “gimmick” of pro wrestling. Right now, the hot item is illegal immigration, so of course the “All-American American” is going to pick on Latinos. I’m surprised we aren’t seeing another Iranian or other middle-easterner brought in, with terrorism dominating the news as it is.