WWE Stars That Were On The Most Recent Overseas Tour Nervous About Being Released, Latest Update On The Upcoming Post-Wrestlemania Cuts & Details On When They Could Take Place, Lists Being Made Of Expendable Talent, Backstage News On The Release Of Andy Leavine & Why It Was Looked At As A "Simple" Situation

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I'm told the release of WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine is one of several cuts that should be coming in upcoming weeks. The WWE office is coming up with lists this week of who to keep and who to release, with names being debated within management.

There are a couple of guys that were on WWE's most recent overseas tour that are "very nervous" and are hoping the forthcoming cuts are made in a timely matter. I'm told the boys would rather know as quickly as possible so they know where they stand and don't have to worry about it.

As for the release of Andy Leavine, it was described to me as a pretty simple situation. The office felt it was taking him too long to learn and felt like he would need to be in their developmental system for years to ever "get it."

  • Charles

    Any idea on who these “couple of guys” actually are? I know Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are pooing it.

    • kbunyon

      I'm honestly not sure about Hawkins. He was one who worked out and helped get Rocky back in shape for the ring. Rocky had good things to say about Hawkins, so that might save him in the short term.

      Honestly, I like Reks a lot, but he hasn't had the chance to prove himself – from what I've seen.


      • Charles

        Oh im not bashing on these two at all, but I know they are petitioning for their jobs by trying to trend on twitter on Raw this week. Then again it could be work to be honest!

  • Philip Thompson

    Andy never seemed to me to be the person who should have won Tough Enough – he was way too green and didn't make sufficient progress during filming. Whilst Luke seemed like a solid enough guy he was never going to be a breakout star but I think that if Martin hadn't been injured then he may have had the potential to win it and make the main roster in time.

  • Jaryd

    This Tough Enough was pretty strange. As far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong) but the orignial tough enough contestants were just average joes and josephines that sent in tapes to be considered for the show. Whereas the recent guys were all scouted. Guys like Maven and Nidia managed to make a go of it for quite a while on the main roster when the roster was much stronger… yet a guy who was scouted to appear on the show in the first place can't even prove he deserves to stay in developmental in an era when good talent is fairly few and far between comparitive to 10 years ago.