WWE Stars Profiled?, The Future Of Swagger, Johnny's Back, What Happened To Kenn Doane

In the past we've all heard about profiling of celebrities, do you think police are profiling WWE talent knowing they have a history of drug and alcohol abuse or are the talent to be blamed for their own actions?

I do not believe police are profiling WWE stars. If someone is following the law it doesn't matter if they are profiled or not, they would have nothing to worry about. Jack Swagger's arrest was because he was being an idiot, speeding while under the influence and in possession of marijuana. It was nearly midnight [when he was arrested] so it's unlikely the officer that pulled him over was even able to see who was driving the vehicle. This entire situation blows my mind. Why would someone that is in line for a main event match at Wrestlemania with a possible 7-figure earning potential right in front of them do something so stupid?

Do you think it's safe to say that Jack Swagger's push will end after the news of his arrest? What happens to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 29?

Vince McMahon and Triple H held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the booking of Jack Swagger's character. I don't know what happened but WWE is in a bad spot as this week's Smackdown was taped prior to the arrest. Therefore WWE is following through with what was already taped and can make adjustments beginning next week. The company took a step forward with the Swagger/Zeb Colter storyline Thursday night but they may have done that just to help promote Smackdown. At this point we have to see what direction they take on Raw before we know anything about the future of Swagger's push and title match at Wrestlemania.

Don't get me wrong, I don't miss John Laurinaitis on TV but what happened to him given the fact the last I heard was he would be back at some point?

John Laurinaitis took time off to have shoulder surgery and has been back as a producer. He made his return in front of an audience at Thursday's WWE Raw live event in Doha, Qatar. We have a photo you can view at this link.

What happened to Kenn Doane (Kenny from Spirit Squad)? I'd say he was the most talented of the 5, and even had a push after the "Squad" split. Then he was gone. Was it attitude? Performance? Or did he rub Vince the wrong way?

Kenn Doane was the most talented in-ring competitor of the Spirit Squad, which is clearly saying something given the fact it's the same faction that included Dolph Ziggler, however, a big ego and bad attitude took him down to irrelevance. He's still only 26-years-old but rather than humbling himself and trying to work his way back to WWE, he's used social media as a way to bury John Cena - the current face of WWE. What one thinks of Cena is completely irrelevant. Doane is just like Teddy Hart, all the talent in the world but not enough common sense to play the game of politics.

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  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    Pot should be legal on a nation wide level…after all, booze are. DWI is different, though. If you’re going to act like an adult using a substance that alters you, you should know better than to drive.

  • BlazeKing

    “If someone is following the law it doesn’t matter if they are profiled or not, they would have nothing to worry about.”

    Doesn’t work that way Rich. We have civil liberties to protect against that kind of thing. There’s plenty of people who follow the law and still get profiled and harassed by power hungry police daily. If you think PD’s don’t try to get a WWE name to give their department some “credibility” you’re mistaken my friend. That’s what happens when you go mainstream.

    • Bobby W.

      Agree with this 100% people that have the philosophy “You aren’t doing anything wrong, so why worry about what the police do?” Are just puppets to the Patriot act (no pun intended, funny as it may be)

  • Ben Reynolds

    Your knowledge of wrestling is laughable especially for someone who runs a dirtsheet! The reason Ken Doane is no longer under contract there is more to do with who his woman was rolling around with and nothing to do with his so called attitude! Reach out to him Richard Gray, you’ll hear his story and you’ll have a whole new perspective on WWE’s golden boy!

    • Thats just sad you dont know the real reason chance are richard does because hes probably asked a few people were as you have listened to doabe who obviously isnt going to say he had a attitude problem.

  • Ben Reynolds

    Oh look, and my comment gets immediately erased! Mondo was always the best worker in the Squad too!! #Kennywasscrewed

  • Michael

    Being African American I’ve been profiled by the police. I live in new orleans ever hear of hurricane Katrina look at what the police did to the victims on the bridge during Katrina and attempted to cover it up. Look at Henry Glover the police killed the man took another mans car and burned the body in the car to cover up that murder. Police profile all the time Richard not saying that’s what they did to Swagger I’m just saying that there’s proof in the history books of profiling police either attempting to get away with murder or getting away with murder. My people have died for years generations by profiling police and a messed society.

    • 1molly23

      Don’t go playing that race card – don’t want to hear it, and whether you know it or not profiling happens to everyone regardless of race, color, or creed – it’s happened to me as recently as two weeks ago – and it was a black security guard profiling myself and the young woman and her baby that was with us! So stick that race card where the sun don’t shine.

      • Michael

        Did you really just compare a security guard toy cop stopping you to police profiling lmao you’re funny lol I can’t stop what was the profiling guard going to do frisk you lmao hahahaha. No comparison to the things I mentioned.

        • Kris Mystery

          How were you profiled personally Michael? Sorry to hear about that.

          • Michael

            I was walking my little brother to school and the police stopped me asking about id and they duff the normal scanning it and even after it came back with no criminal past they frisked me and one cop whispered to me that I’m lucky he doesn’t throw a case on me because I look like this other guy they were looking for. The guy they were looking for was a older black man in his forties and I was twenty something. I was also at a parade during Mardi gras and I was walking to some floats to catch some throws I ended up by some white people and this police officer stopped me and told me to get on the sidewalk now I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a parade in new orleans but nobody stands on the sidewalk. However I got on the sidewalk and this same cop grabs me two more times. I started walking back to my family and he had his buddies grab me and arrest me. By the time I went to court he didn’t show up so they were dropping the charges but the officer had me charged with a lot of things none of which I had done and I was only 17.

          • Xavier

            You were probably wearing a hoody. Those things happen.

          • Michael

            I don’t wear hoodies you insensitive ass whip. How dare you even make a comment like that after what happen to Travon Martin. You just proved what a racist b!+#h you are I hope somebody beats the shit out of you one day.

          • Jimmy

            The Travon Martin situation is outlandish and something that no human being ever should have to deal with no matter if it concerns race, age, sex or appearance therefore i can understand where you are coming from however stating your issues with political race on an online wrestling website is abit silly.

          • Michael

            This isn’t political this is a real life problem. And I only mentioned Travon because the guy Xavier said I was wearing a hoodie and I felt like he was making fun of me and Travon I wasn’t comparing it to Swagger if you read his response before mine you’ll understand why I even mentioned Travon.

          • Jimmy

            I can see why you brought it up now and i commend you for sticking up for yourself. After reading some of Xavier’s comments on articles, everyone on this site should know that he is a tool and not to take him seriously because he is a joke.

          • Michael

            Thanks Jimmy because you took the time to do that I get into it with guys like him all the time because they don’t really understand wrestling. I make a great point and one or two marks want to argue all the time I like it when I meet somebody with good understanding that really takes the time to read what I wrote instead of looking for an argument.

        • 1molly23

          no – you brought up the race card in conjunction with profiling. Richard brought up nothing about race – nor did the person that asked the question – so like I said, take that race card and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

          • Michael

            Lmao you still talking well you take your sad security guard story and stick it up your ass you b!+#h ass Mark.

      • Kris Mystery

        Were you skulking around looking suspicious? Did you look guilty of something? Probably not to you but to a security guard you may have been. That’s not profiling.

    • Nostaljack

      Richard said nothing about racial profiling in his response. He said there was no profiling of WWE workers. This is not a race issue in the least bit.

      • Michael

        He didn’t but he stated that if somebody were following the law that it didn’t matter and those were the examples of people following the law that I know. I’m in no way calling Richard racist I’m just making a point that police profile and I used examples from the city in which I live.

        • Nostaljack

          He could have worded his response a little better but I’d venture that most of us knew he was speaking only of WWE workers being profiled and not of people in general. A cop isn’t going to see a WWE worker coming and arrest him because he’s a WWE worker. That’s all Richard was saying.

  • Amazing how much more critical, if not downright insulting, people here have become since WNW went unmoderated. Coincidence?

    • Nostaljack

      Totally agree! I thought I would really like the free discussion. I kind of don’t now. It’s allowed the kids to run amuck. Who’s got time for that? (sidebar as it’s not happening in this thread yet)

      • Xavier

        Your one too talk

  • Chris

    Politics have ruined WWE!!

  • K!ng

    I Just want to know what you wrestling fans logic is with Jack Swagger? you say he has an ego. who in wrestling doesnt? you say he is a pothead? but you all cheer for jeff hardy who is a Junkie. Steve Austin beats debra up when hes drunk and gets arrested yet you all love him ? So you all turn a blind eye for these guys yet you claim swagger should be fired.Just wondering what your logical reason is for this.

    • Andy

      those people you mention have done some bad things sure. Should they be forgotten? no, absolutely not. The difference is that these crimes were commited after the both became HUGE stars. Jack Swagger has the chance to really step up the game and move up a perch but his ego has stepped in the way twice now. It’s just sheer stupidity.

    • There’s a difference between having an ego and being a total arrogant jerk backstage. If a wrestler has earned his stripes, really worked hard to get to the top, that’s one thing, but to barely be on your way up and have a bad attitude because you think you’re the best and untouchable, that’s a huge problem.

      Austin admitted that he made some mistakes, it happens. Is it right? No, but he’s faced up to those problems rather than hiding from them. He and Debra are no longer together and he’s worked hard to make himself a better person.

      If you’ve read anything I’ve written about TNA, you will know that not all of the IWC is slavering all over Jeff Hardy. Most of the IWC has not turned a blind eye to Hardy and all he’s done. It’s the casual wrestlers, mostly of the female persuasion, who love Hardy. It’s one thing to express you’ve views, it’s another to put words in other peoples’ mouths.

  • Josh

    Richard, is Cena a backstage politician in the mould of Hogan et al? Guys like Mick Foley and Bret Hart call him a genuinely nice guy, yet stagnant mid-carders like Doane and Reks call him a dirty politician, yet Carlito said he was committed to helping guys up the ladder instead of holding them down? Or is he an Undertaker type figure in that he has tenure and has pull when deciding which guys deserve a push based on their work ethic, workrate and commitment to the business?

    • Cena and Mickie James has an affair while Cena was married and Mickie was dating, or engaged to Doane, so he’s absolutely going to have a beef with Cena. Not saying anything about Reks, he’s a totally different story, but Doane had a reason to dislike Cena.

      Some could compare this to the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge issue, but both Hardy and Edge were well established when Hardy took to social media to talk about it, Doane did not have that same level of stardom, therefore it looked more like him attacking Cena and made him look bad. Add in his bad attitude backstage and it made sense why he is no longer in the WWE.

      • Kris Mystery

        And Doane never will have any level of stardom..at least in WWE. Like him or hate him if you diss their top star (Cena) you will be haunted for that for the rest of your wrestling life.

  • kvb

    Pot should remain illegal!!! It alters your state. I know alchol is legal which is controlled by the government. The government can not control pot!! Kepp it illegal you don’t need that stuff anyway don’t care if your sick or not!!!! Don’t use it and we will never have problems!!!

    • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

      Disagree. There’s no reason it should be illegal. Many things alter your body (caffeine, fast food, tobacco, etc.). As long as those things are legal so should marijuana for adults. After all, our country is about freedom. There’s no reason for the government to tell you what you can and can’t put in your body.

      • Agree. It should be legal. I never tried it myself, but with some research you will see its beneficial for tons of purposes.

    • Lrgetrout9

      If pot should be illegal, so should alcohol, tobacco, and high fructose corn syrup.

      • Jimmy

        Its not about making it legal or not because people are going to use it regardless. Its about not getting caught. People need to be more careful out here in these streets, not go out driving under the influence (Jack Swagger)


    its amazing how sensitive wrestling fans have become

  • stoney

    Ken Doane hates cena because Cena slept with his girlfriemd/fiance Mickie James swhile they were still together and Cena was married.
    Then Cena and Mickie broke up which would lead to the imfamous Piggy James storyline.
    Teddy Hart is the only member of the Hart family that deserves the flatulence gimmick what natalya had a year ago