WWE Stars React To Wrestlemania 28, Miami Publication Details Fan's Experience, The Rock Comments On Big Win

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- Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta sent word that dot com has several vides of Wrestlemania 28 performers giving their reactions at this link.

Wrestling News World reader Bmac sent this in…

There is a write up about a woman's experience at Wrestlemania last night with her husband on miaminewstimes.com. While reading, beware of stereotypes and ignorance about pro wrestling and it's fans! Click here to read it.

- The Rock posted the following on Twitter after his Wrestlemania 28 victory against John Cena:


  • SimUmp

    Epic and historic? Yeah, Rocky. More like embarrassing and forgettable…

    • the great 1

      grow up pathetic boy

    • Da KiDD

      No matter how the match would have went…chances are, you would have been critical of it. You're just part of that defined group who can't be pleased

  • JBM

    yeah, totally let down by every match last night, it was literally comparable to a common monday night raw…………. Especially after all the hype. Waste of money……..

  • jerry

    Enter text right here!u suck simimp

  • Evon Reese

    The rock humble? That's a joke just like he is. Cena carried him the whole match. What a joke

  • Whammaster

    All these arrogant posts from people. Here leme shed some light on what the normal fan thought of the match.

    It wasnt as good as HHH/Taker (match of the night) or the WRESTLING match of Jericho/Punk, however the Cena/Rock match had the emotion to it. It was a classic match, with false finishes. It felt great, but its downgraded because wwe wanted us to compare it to the Rock/Hogan match. If you watch the match ignoring these 3 things, it was what it was advertised.