AJ Lee Faints During WWE Live Match Due To Dehydration (Updated)

Updated on November 15, 2013 at 7:40 PM EST

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee briefly fainted during Friday's WWE live event from The O2 in London, England. According to Wrestling News World reader Lee McAndrew, AJ was working a tag match with Tamina Snuka against The Bell Twins. She tagged out of the match and they went home when it was noticed that Lee had fainted.

She was tended to by WWE medical staff for several minutes. AJ was eventually able to get to her feet and walk to the backstage area.

WWE issued the following statement to WrestlingNewsWorld.com:

Tonight in London, WWE Diva AJ Lee briefly fainted during a match with Brie Bella due to dehydration. She is currently being evaluated by WWE medical staff.

The company has been on their grueling Fall 2013 tour of Europe that has seen the company run 20 shows in two weeks.

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    Sounds to me like her concussion a couple of months back is starting to catch up with her.

  • Lee McAndrew

    A couple of corrections: it was a tag team match between The Bellas and AJ and Tamina rather than a singles match. The match wasn’t stopped as such, it was just that they finished it earlier than planned. Regardless, I hope AJ is okay.

  • Gary

    They went home?

    • Philip Thompson

      That’s a wrestling terms for concluding the match… usually they have a couple of specific spots planned for the end of the match. Sometimes they’ll just go straight to those but if the situation dictates then they’ll alter the finish – but usually with the same result a – ie the same worker would always go over.

    • James

      Yeah they flew back to the US straight after it

  • Ayat Abbasi

    omg just take that divas title off her
    still a horrible divas champ representing tht division
    1st tht concussion n then tht fainting
    she has been a horrible wrestler too so in total give it either 2 nattie or kaitlyn they r da ones who deserve not this horrible aj
    please mind my typing
    btw i am not a hater but a guy who really cares abt pro wrestling n da divas division in whole n general n hope 2 not get much negativity 4 this

  • Philip Thompson

    I’m not convinced this relates to her concussion, although with a concussion anything’s possible.

    I think it has more to do with her being very conscious of maintaining her figure. I can envisage a situation where she doesn’t eat or drink much if anything on days when she’s working because she doesn’t want to appear bloated or as though there’s anything in her stomach. She certainly always appears to not be utilising all of the space available to her in her shorts. It’s often been observed that they appear to be ‘floating’ on her. I think that that’s the look she’s going for – but it’s not worth jeopardising her health. She literally has room to be bigger.

    She might also be paranoid about suffering a similar incident to the one Natalya did the week before Summerslam.

  • hiloboy21

    another story line for the show…why can’t the champions defend their belts without outside interference…