WWE To Stream Announcement That Will Change The Company Forever

WWE announced Monday here on dot com they will stream Wednesday's groundbreaking announcement live on their official website.

The announcement, termed a "blockbuster announcement that will change WWE forever," will take place on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 9:30 PM EST from The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vince McMahon, John Cena, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Triple H will all be on hand.

While we do not have 100% confirmation on what the announcement will be, overwhelming speculation suggests it will be some type of formal announcement for the WWE Network.

Make sure you join us here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com as I'll be hosting a live "Open Thread" of the announcement, with the live feed, recap and analysis to go with your discussion.

  • SweetCyn

    Maybe they didn’t get a good TV deal from Universal, and are moving all content, (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and PPV’s) to the network. That would change the company forever, and provide the network the most ample opportunity to succeed.

    • dean

      there is no way in hell that wwe would ever move raw, sd, etc to some sort of on-line network.
      the network will only appeal to the die hard pro wrestling fan who loves and obsesses over pro wrestling like ecw, wcw, the old wrestlers etc.
      I only care about the present and future of wwe so I have ZERO interest in a wwe network.
      wwe is staying with nbc universal and a deal will be announced in march 2014. face facts, the tv rights are wwe;s BIGGEST revenue source.
      I know wwe gets 4 million viewers each week for usa, 3 million for syfy etc.
      the attitude era ratings may have been higher but it is asinine to compare today’s wwe ratings to fifteen years ago because the tv landscape has changed so much.

    • Donald Estep

      That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. WWE will not be moving its flagship shows off of basic TV, or ANY network that will not be available through very basic TV packages.

  • WWE News

    WWE Bought TNA?

    • dean

      tna is like a mouse next to wwe. wwe WON THE “WAR” in 2001 when vince McMahon “choked” the life out of wcw and buried it six feet below the earth.
      tna is not on wwe’s radar. tna tried to challenge wwe in 2010 and failed miserably and ran away back to Thursdays with its tail between its legs.

      • WWE News

        They could have bought them to get back some old superstars and gain some new ones

        • dean

          wwe does not need sting. sting is nearly 55 years old and he should have retired whwn wcw went under but he found a “money mark” in Dixie Carter.

  • WWE News

    Revamping ECW?

  • Lebron James

    “We just saved 15%…”

  • Xavier

    Okay dean we get where you stand, must you comment on everything? Like you know what they’re going to announce Mr. “No respect for the old school”, “I only care about WWE’s present and future” come on mate, be respectful to the past cause it put them where they are today

  • James Floyd Weisbeck

    ive been hearing off and on that wwe may open a west coast office again … last time they were west coast they were in salt lake city utah

    • guest

      Nope McMahon is announcing his retirement

  • craig