WWE Studios Film With Brodus Clay To Debut At Toronto International Film Festival In September

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WWE announced on dot com that WWE Studios has teamed with Pathe for a horror film called "No One Lives" that will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Brodus Clay is featured in the film in his first supporting role.

The film festival runs from September 6th to September 16th and is the first WWE Studios flick at TIFF.

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Kleck

    Does anybody wonder why WWE studios is doing so poorly? It’s movies like these…No One Lives. Sounds like a run of the mill C rated horror movie with over the top special effects and awful acting straight to DVD release.

    • Richard Gray

      No, this is a change in strategy. WWE is co-financing films, spending less and hoping to generate more of a profit. Will it work? I doubt it but the reason WWE Studios lost so much money last year was going at films alone only to have them tank in revenue.

      • Kleck

        I hope so. I want the WWE studios to succeed but as we have seen in the past, I don’t have confidence in the studio. It will be interesting to see if this strategy works

  • Chris

    Anyone remembers see no evil? Yea I don’t either. I think this is slated for the same fate

    • Kevin

      Dude, See No Evil ROCKED! I loved that movie.

  • Tony P.

    See no evil was the best movie wwe has made. They should’ve stopped after that.

    • Chris

      Guessing how all of them sucked, being the lead runner in the special Olympics is good enough I guess.

  • Jashaun

    Does WWE just put anyone in a movie now a days?

  • Mark

    Sorry Kleck did you even read the article about the movie? Ryuhei Kitamura directed this flick. Judging by how brilliant and brutal his past works are and have been, this should be WWE's best film to date. Which as mentioned before would not be too impressive given the uninspiring past titles WWE has trudged out. However with Kitamura this certainly will be no C level fare. For the first timeWWE has me excited for a film!

    • Chris

      I just can’t see the guy who talks to funkateers. It’s like captain planet got fat and funky and you know gonna star in a horror film with a good director. Doesn’t make Brodus any better at acting.

  • Tom

    We want Ziggler in a film!