Complete WWE SummerSlam Results (8/18/13) - Randy Orton Is WWE Champion

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WWE SummerSlam Results
Sunday, August 18, 2013
From the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Report by Sean Hopkins of

Quick Results:

Pay-Per-View Opening:

The show opens with the Miz making his way out to the entrance ramp with a mic in hand.  Miz welcomes the crowd to SummerSlam and says he promises to make it the most must-see SummerSlam ever. He hypes Punk vs. Lesnar and Bryan vs. Cena. Miz says we're going to kick things off, but he's interrupted by Fandango. Miz says 'really' a couple of times while Fandango dances around him, then says welcome to SummerSlam once more before we head into a video package hyping tonight's show.

That video package was AMAZING!

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show for the third time. Out to sing the National Anthem is Jo Jo from the cast of Total Divas.

Ring of Fire Match
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

After introductions all around, we're finally ready for the first match, and it's going to be the Ring of Fire match.

The entrances:

Kane is out first to a nice pop from the crowd. Bray Wyatt is out next and he's got Harper and Rowan backing him up in their creepy entrance into the arena.

Wyatt sits in his rocking chair and smiles before blowing out his lantern. He's getting ready and laughing the whole time. Wyatt climbs into the ring and the bell rings, prompting flames to shoot up around the ring.

The start:

Kane backs Wyatt into the corner and pounds away before taking him around the ring and smashing his head into the turnbuckle. Kane delivers a clothesline and the flames shoot up. Harper and Rowan tease interfering and the flames shoot up again. Wyatt catches Kane with a big kick, and a huge head butt.

Mid-match notes:

Wyatt tries for a suplex but Kane reverses it. Kane catches Wyatt with a chop to the throat, then snap mares him over. Kane tries for a low kick, but misses. Bray misses a kick and almost goes face first into the flames. Kane misses a charge in the corner and Wyatt follows up with a splash. Wyatt hits a huge running forearm to knock Kane down.

Wyatt mounts Kane and wails away with right hands before kicking at him. Wyatt scream at Kane and kicks at his chest. Kane catches Wyatt around the throat, but Wyatt fights out. Wyatt runs into a big boot and Kane sends him into the corner, following with a quick splash, then another. Kane hits a sidewalk slam. Kane teases a chokeslam, but runs into a back elbow. Wyatt knocks Kane to the mat and calls for Harper and Rowan to help. Harper grabs a kendo stick and tries to toss it in, but it catches fire. Rowan tries to put the flames out with an extinguisher, but it doesn't work. In the ring, Kane grabs Wyatt around the throat and hits a chokeslam.

Kane reaches down to grab Wyatt again, and he delivers a second chokeslam. Rowan and Harper are going nuts. Kane signals for the tombstone, but Harper and Rowan find a huge fire blanket to smother the flames. They make their way into the ring and begin a beat down on Kane. Harper takes Kane to the mat and Rowan hits a huge splash. They drag Wyatt to his knees and hold Kane up for him.

The finish:

Wyatt grabs Kane, gives him a kiss on the forehead, and hits a crazy spinning DDT-like maneuver. Wyatt pins Kane and gets the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Following the match Harper and Rowan drag Kane from the ring and place him on a set of ring steps in front of Wyatt who's sitting in his rocking chair. Harper and Rowan grab the top of the steps, and Wyatt tells Kane that he's made his bed before Rowan and Harper bring the steps down on Kane's head. Bray lights the lantern, and the lights go out as the Wyatt Family make their way to the back.

The Wyatt's pick Kane up and take him to the back along with them.

Josh Mathews is up in the stands with Booker T, Shawn Michaels, and Vickie Guerrero. Mathews asks Booker his opinions on the opening match. Booker says it was disturbing and the Wyatt Family has flipped the script. Michaels calls it an impressive debut, but says it was a little uncomfortable for his tastes. Vickie says it's not how she would run her show, but whatever to Brad Maddox.

Paul Heyman gets a bit of promo time where he compares Punk/Lesnar to David vs. Goliath. He says Lesnar will take CM Punk out and Punk will never be seen again. Heyman says both men have agreed to his suggestion that tonight's match be 'no disqualification'. Heyman says the only biblical thing about tonight is that Punk will be pushed into martyrdom by Brock Lesnar.

Singles Match
- Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

The entrances:

Damien Sandow is the first man to the ring, and of course he's got a mic. He talks about literary pairings like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and to dumb it down, Batman and Robin. Both groups had something in common where there was a leader, and a lackey. Rhodes was Sandow's sidekick, and tonight he sends him back from whence he came, to his family of carnival folk. He says Rhodes Scholar could have been a great team, but tonight he sends him to the destiny he was set for with his father, dumb and dumber.

Rhodes is out next and he's mustache-less, getting a little pop from the crowd on his way to the ring.

The start:

The bell rings and Sandow backs Rhodes into the corner. They trade position a couple of times before Cody hits a huge right, sends Sandow across the ring, and hits a huge back body drop. Cody comes up with a big front suplex for two. Sandow sends Rhodes out to the apron and sweeps his leg out from under him, sending him to the floor. Sandow follows and backs Cody into the ring apron hard before bringing things back into the ring. Sandow beats on Cody's back before hitting a big suplex. Sandow drives a couple of knees into Cody's spine before pulling back on Rhodes' arms.

Mid-match notes:

Rhodes comes back and tries for Cross Rhodes, but Sandow puts him down to the mat with a Russian leg sweep, then drops the elbow of disdain for two. Sandow continues to work over the back, locking in a modified sharpshooter. Rhodes spins out of it and kicks Sandow away, but Sandow comes up with a vicious clothesline and smears Cody's face into the mat. Sandow heads to the middle rope, but Cody stops him with a punch to the gut. Rhodes pulls Sandow out with a muscle buster and rolls into the cover for two.

Rhodes hits Sandow with a big clothesline, then a back elbow. Rhodes hits a big right hand, then drops to the mat and hits Sandow with another. Rhodes goes to the apron and hits a big elbow to the top of Sandow's head before hitting a nice springboard dropkick. Rhodes hangs Sandow up on the ropes and kicks him in the ribs. Rhodes misses the beautiful disaster kick and Sandow is able to hit a spinning neckbreaker for two. Rhodes rolls Sandow up for two, then hits the beautiful disaster kick for another near fall.

The finish:

Sandow sends Rhodes shoulder first into the ring post, then rolls him up for two. Rhodes connects with Cross Rhodes and he pins Sandow for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Christian

We get a really nice video package that's a bit of a career retrospective for Christian. It seems a bit odd though, almost like something that would be played when you know someone will be retiring soon.

The entrances:

Christian is out to the ring first, and he gets a good reaction out of the fans in attendance. JBL and Cole speculate as to whether or not this might be Christian's last opportunity for a World Championship.

Alberto Del Rio is out next, and Del Rio gets a tiny bit of heat as he walks to the ring, sporting a shiner that he got from Christian on Smackdown.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lockup straightaway. Del Rio backs Christian into the corner and breaks clean. Del Rio kicks at the back of Christian's leg and hits a couple of big right hands to the side of Christian's head. Del Rio locks in a headlock and Christian fights it off, but falls to a shoulder block.

Mid-match notes:

Christian slaps Del Rio, then tosses him over the top and to the outside. Christian goes for a baseball slide and misses. He chases Del Rio around the ring and drops the back of his neck across the top rope. Christian tries for a double stomp from the top, but misses. Del Rio goes to the top but Christian stops him. Christian tries for a top rope hurricanrana, but Del Rio drops down and hits Christian with an enzugiri to the back of the head. Christian drops into the tree of woe, and Del Rio kicks at Christian's chest and arm. Del Rio takes Christian to the outside, wraps his arm up, and tosses him backward into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Del Rio gets a two count, then locks in an arm bar. Christian fights to his feet, and slaps Del Rio again before kicking him in the chest. Christian gets pancaked to the mat, and Del Rio kicks the arm again. Del Rio wraps Christian's arm around the ring rope and yanks away. Del Rio gets another near fall. Del Rio hits a dropkick to the back of Christian's arm, then continues the assault while Christian's wrapped up in the ropes. Del Rio charges and leaps at Christian, but Christian moves and Del Rio sails through the ropes and lands on the floor. Christian heads to the top rope and leaps to the outside, coming down on top of Del Rio.

Both men make it back into the ring, and Del Rio wrenches Christian's arm then stomps at his shoulder. Del Rio slaps Christian then heads to the middle rope, he leaps out into Christian's outstretched feet, hitting them face first. Christian hits a right hand, then hits a dropkick from the middle rope. Christian mounts Del Rio in the corner and hits him with a series of punches. Christian heads to the top and avoids an enzugiri, then hits a giant crossbody for two.

Del Rio almost hits a back suplex, but Christian lands on his feet. Christian tries for the killswitch but can't hit it. Christian goes up in the corner and Del Rio brings him down with a backstabber for two. Del Rio hits Christian with a stiff kick to the back, but Christian comes back with a roll up for two. Del Rio connects with the enzugiri in the corner, but it's only enough for a two count. Del Rio rips at Christian's face, then heads to the middle rope and tries for a senton. Christian moves and heads up to the middle rope. He hits a leaping European uppercut, but ends up backed into the corner for a series of shoulders to the gut. Del Rio seats Christian on the top rope. Christian fights back and goes for a sunset bomb, but Del Rio punches him to avoid it. Christian hits a dropkick in the corner and hits Del Rio with a hurricanrana from the middle rope for two.

The finish:

Christian tries for the spear, but Del Rio counters with a dropkick to the face. Del Rio pins Christian for two. Del Rio tries for the cross armbreaker, but Christian hits a drop toe hold into the ropes then slaps him. Del Rio puts Christian down but he's still not able to keep him down for three. Del Rio drops his knee pad and goes for a running knee, but Christian counters with a roll up. Christian hits a spear with his injured arm, and Del Rio traps him in the cross arm breaker. Christian is dropped to the mat, and he's forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

An interviewer is in the ring, and she asks Alberto if he's proud of his victory. He says it's a great night because he's still our champion, and he's representing Latinos. The Mexican people need someone to look up to, a hero. They need someone to tell them everything is going to be just fine, and they have one already, and his name is none other than Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio tosses down the mic and smiles while holding his title high.

We get a recap of some of the action from Axxess earlier today, specifically Maria Menounos' match earlier today.

This leads to a backstage segment where Maria explains that this match came about because of a war of the words started on Twitter. The interview is interrupted by Fandango, but Miz and Maria cut in, doing a dance of their own, leaving Fandango and Summer Rae looking not too happy.

Total Divas Match
- Natalya w/Cameron & Naomi vs. Brie Bella w/Eva Marie & Nikki Bella

The entrances:

Natalya is out first, accompanied by the Funkadactyls on her way to the ring.

Brie Bella is out next with her sister Nikki and Eva Marie in tow.

The start:

The bell rings and we get a lock up. Brie pulls Natalya back by the hair, then locks on a headlock. Natalya pushes her off, and tries for a hip toss, but it's blocked. Brie calls her a loser and slaps her. We get a couple of slaps back and forth, then Natalya takes Brie down to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

Brie makes it to the ropes and heads to the outside. Natalya follows and brings things back into the ring. Nikki pulls Natalya down from the ring apron and it allows a distraction for Brie to hit her with a baseball slide to the back of the head.

Things go back into the ring and the crowd absolutely doesn't care about this match as Brie hits a couple of big leg drops. Brie traps Natalya in a submission, but Natalya fights up to her feet and out of the hold. Brie buries her shoulder in Natalya's midsection, then drives her face into the mat. Another modified chinlock from Brie ends in a stunner from Natalya, then a quick clothesline.

Natalya steps over into the sharpshooter, but Brie reverses, sending Natalya crashing into the corner. Nikkie and Eva Marie get involved, prompting the Funkadactyls to attack. Brie goes right back to the modified chinlock, and Natalya stands up and shoulders her. Brie rolls up Natalya for two, then hits her with a giant running kick to the chest, then another.

The finish:

Natalya responds with an Alabama Slam and a sharpshooter, getting the tap out win.

Winner: Natalya

We get footage from earlier today where Ryback is shown in catering. He says the food sucks and the soup is cold. Ryback is told it's supposed to be cold, it's gazpacho. Ryback says he knew that. He stares down the food server, and tells him to take it away. Ryback says he doesn't like cold soup, and tells him to take it away. Ryback pours the soup down his collar, and says he's like a three year old. He picks up the soup urn and dumps it over the servers head, and says 'feed me moron'.

No Disqualification Match
- Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

We get a video package hyping the next match, dubbed 'the best vs. the beast'. The package focuses on the relationship between CM Punk and Paul Heyman, and the betrayal by Heyman that led to this match.

The entrances:

Brock Lesnar is the first man to make his way to the ring, and of course he's got his manage extraordinaire Paul Heyman along with him.

CM Punk is out next, and he's pretty clearly the fan favorite in this one.

The start:

The bell rings and Punk charges right into Lesnar. Lesnar backs Punk right into the corner and buries his shoulder in Punk's stomach. Punk responds with a couple of forearms, but Lesnar is right back at it with the shoulders.

Mid-match notes:

Lesnar stomps away at Punk repeatedly before picking him up in the corner and choking him. Punk hits a couple of rights a kicks at Lesnar. Lesnar catches Punk's leg, kicks him, then tosses him across the ring. Lesnar slams Punk into the corner and stomps away at him before choking him with his boot.

Punk comes back with a high kick, then a couple of huge, stiff knees to the face that send Lesnar out of the ring. Punk hits the ropes and goes for the suicide dive, wiping Lesnar out on the floor. Punk goes for the ring steps, grabbing the top two, but Lesnar runs into the steps and knocks Punk back. Lesnar picks Punk up and hits him with a knee to the gut before shouldering him. Punk drops back and pushes Lesnar into the ring post. Punk scrambles to the top rope and hits a double axe handle smash to the floor.

Punk wipes Lesnar out on the floor and begins stalking Heyman, but Lesnar attacks from behind. Lesnar stomps at Punk's head and ribs. Lesnar hits a giant hip toss into the Spanish announcer's table. Lesnar slings Punk onto the other announcer's table, then slams part of it down on Punk's back, and jumps on it. Lesnar hits a sick belly to belly suplex on the floor, sending Punk flying. Lesnar sends Punk back into the ring and follows. Punk goes right for the legs of Lesnar, kicking away, but Lesnar comes up with a huge clothesline.

Lesnar takes Punk into the corner and goes back into the shoulders into Punk's midsection. Lesnar clamps on a bear hug, but Punk won't give up. Punk hits Lesnar with elbows to the face, forcing him to break the hold, but Punk runs right into a huge knee to the gut. Heyman is yelling at Punk to stay down. Lesnar buries his knee in Punk's side, then leans into it. Lesnar picks Punk up and clamps him in another bear hug. More elbows to the face break the hold again, and this time Punk hits a huge kick to Lesnar's chest. Punk heads to the top rope and leaps off, but he's caught, and Lesnar hits a giant fall away slam.

Lesnar picks Punk up and drops him with a big backbreaker before slamming him to the mat. Lesnar goes for a pin but Punk kicks out. Lesnar traps Punk in a rear chin lock, but Punk fights up to his feet. Punk fights his way out of the hold by biting Lesnar's ear. Punk kicks Leadnar in the midsection and legs before hitting him with a series of forearms. Punk heads to the top and hits a flying knee from the top, dropping Lesnar into the corner. Punk backs up and waits for Lesnar to stand, hitting the running knee in the corner. Punk backs up and hits another running knee, but a third attempt and he's caught. Punk drops down and hits a kick to the side of Lesnar's head. Punk heads to the top and drops the elbow, but it's only good enough for two.

Punk calls for the GTS. He shoulders Brock, but Brock drops down and shoulders Punk. Punk drops down and hits another wicked kick to the side of the head. Punk shoulders Brock and drops him into the GTS, but Lesnar counters, catching Punk in the kimura. Lesnar drops to the mat and wrenches away, but Punk is able to counter into an arm bar, then a triangle choke. Lesnar stands, then powerbombs Punk to the mat, but Punk doesn't break the hold!

Lesnar picks Punk up again, and Punk drives elbows into the top of Lesnar's head. Lesnar hits a running powerbomb out of the corner and both men are down after an amazing sequence. Lesnar covers Punk for two. Lesnar picks Punk up and suplexes him over, hanging on and hitting a second, then third. Lesnar pins Punk for another two count. Lesnar heads to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Punk heads to the top and leaps to the outside, coming down on top of the chair and Lesnar.

Punk grabs the chair and tattoos Lesnar with a shot across the back, then another. Back in the ring, Punk winds up, but Lesnar blocks it, and kicks Punk in the gut. Lesnar winds up and Punk hits a low blow. Punk picks up the chair and heads to the apron. Punk goes to the top rope, and Heyman looks distraught. Punk stands on the top and drops the chair across the face of Lesnar. Punk pins Lesnar, but only gets two.

Punk grabs the chair and hits Lesnar across the back again, and again. Lesnar screams in pain. Punk winds up, but Heyman grabs the chair and pulls it to the outside. Punk grabs Heyman's tie, and Lesnar shoulders Punk. Punk grabs Heyman's tie and won't let go. Punk drops down and connects with the GTS. Punk goes for the pin and he gets a two count but it's broken up by Heyman. Punk smiles and chases Heyman from the ring. Back in the ring, Lesnar shoulders Punk for the F-5, but Punk counters into a huge DDT for another near fall. Punk clamps on the anaconda vice, and the crowd is going nuts. Heyman comes in with a chair but Punk stands on it and stops Heyman cold.

The finish:

Punk decks Heyman, laying him out, then he puts the anaconda vice on Heyman. Brock is up and he whacks Punk with the chair so hard I'm sure Heyman felt it. Brock hits Punk with the chair again, and again. Lesnar picks Punk up to his feet and shoulders him. Lesnar connects with the F-5, planting Punk's face on the chair. Lesnar pins Punk and gets the three count.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Heyman and Lesnar make their way to the back slowly, while Punk writhes on the mat. That was easily Lesnar's best match since coming back. Punk stands, using the ropes to help him to his feet. The fans start up a CM Punk chant, giving him a standing ovation on his way to the back.

We get a recap where a fan gets the chance to trade in their house show tickets for tickets and a trip to SummerSlam, if they take a splash from Mark Henry. The fan is shown being prepped for the challenge, and walked out to the ring. Henry drops on the fan with the splash, and the fan gets some VIP seats, sitting in front of the announcer's table for the next match.

Mixed Tag Team Match
- Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

The entrances:

Ziggler and Kaitlyn are out first, followed very shortly by AJ Lee, then Big E Langston.

The start:

The bell rings and it looks like Ziggler and Big E are going to kick things off. Ziggler catches Big E with a dropkick for a two count. Big E responds with a giant belly to belly suplex. Big E drops on Ziggler with a giant splash for a two count of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Big E clamps on an abdominal stretch, pounding on Ziggler's midsection. Big E breaks the hold and lets AJ slap Ziggler. Ziggler hits a big dropkick and AJ and Kaitlyn tag in. Kaitlyn takes AJ into the corner and hits a big clothesline before following up with a backbreaker. AJ hits a nice spinning kick to drop Kaitlyn for a two count.

AJ takes Kaitlyn into the corner and snap mares her out, trapping her in a rear chin lock. Kaitlyn fights to her feet and out of the hold, but runs into a back elbow from AJ. AJ hits Kaitlyn with a neckbreaker, then drops her with another. AJ prances around before picking Kaitlyn up. Kaitlyn tries to fight back, but AJ clamps on the sleeper hold, forcing Kaitlyn down to the mat. Kaitlyn backs AJ into the corner, and AJ kicks her to the mat. AJ hits Kaitlyn with a kick to the gut, but runs right into a big shoulder tackle. Ziggler and Big E tag in and Dolph is right on Big E, hitting a splash, neckbreaker, and series of elbows.

Ziggler tries for the rocker dropper, but Big E counters into a gutwrench backbreaker, but Kaitlyn breaks up the pin. AJ catches Kaitlyn with a flying knee to the face. Big E tosses Ziggler into the corner and hits a big spear, but misses a second one, going shoulder first into the ring post.

The finish:

Ziggler hits the ropes and AJ grabs his foot, but Kaitlyn hits the spear. Langston wipes Ziggler out for another two count. Langston shoulders Ziggler, but Ziggler drops down and hits the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Miz is backstage and he talks about the Ring of Fire match, 'the best vs. the beast', but again he's interrupted by Fandango. Miz decks Fandango, and walks off.

Josh Mathews asks everyone their opinions on the main event. Shawn Michaels picks Daniel Bryan. Booker asks if Cena is still hungry. Vickie picks Bryan as well. Shawn thanks Lesnar and Punk, and Booker says not to forget about Del Rio and Christian.

This leads into a video package where we get a recap of how this match came about, with Cena picking Daniel Bryan as his opponent for SummerSlam, and the events of the next few weeks.

WWE Championship Match
Special guest referee - Triple H
- John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

The entrances:

The first man out to the ring is the special guest referee for the match, Triple H. Hunter gets a nice little pop from the crowd on his way into the arena.

Daniel Bryan is the first competitor to the ring, and he gets an amazing reaction out of the fans in attendance, some of whom are even wearing fake beards.

The Champ is here, and John Cena gets his famous mixed reaction with a ton of boos here tonight.

After formal ring introductions we're ready to begin.

The start:

The bell rings and Cena and Bryan begin circling each other. We get a lock up and Bryan works on Cena's arm. Cena rolls through and catches Bryan in a headlock. Bryan fights out of it and takes Cena to the mat. We get a test of strength, and Cena takes Bryan down to the mat for a pin. Bryan kicks out and bridges up.

Mid-match notes:

Cena jumps on Bryan's legs, but Bryan won't break the bridge. Cena jumps on again, but Bryan counters with a monkey flip. Cena rolls to the outside and speaks with the ringside doctor. Cena traps Bryan in another headlock, and takes him over to his back. Bryan pushes Cena off, and jumps up, but Cena catches him. Cena pins Bryan, but Bryan bridges up and backslides Cena for a two count. Bryan hits a dragon screw to take Cena over.

Bryan stands on Cena's knees and tries for the Mexican surfboard, but Cena fights out. Bryan shoulders Cena and Bryan is able to grab the ropes and go to the apron. Cena hits Bryan to send him crashing to the announcer's table on the floor. Cena heads on and tries to whip Bryan into the stairs, but Bryan reverses it. Bryan gets Cena on the steps and tries for a suplex off the steps to the floor, but Cena reverses.

Cena pins Bryan for a two count. Cena blasts Bryan with a big right hand, then another. He punches away at him in the corner before sending him across the ring hard. Cena rears back and kicks Bryan in the chest. Cena lays Bryan out with a sit-out powerbomb, good for another two count. Cena grounds Bryan with a rear chin lock. Bryan is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, backing Cena into the corner and blasting him with a series of kicks to the chest. Cena comes back with a knee to the gut. Bryan backflips over Cena, then hits him with a big flying clothesline.

Bryan hits Cena with a series of kicks to the chest, but misses one to the head. Cena hits a couple of shoulder tackles, then drops Bryan with the belly to back suplex. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle, but Bryan counters with a kick. Bryan is able to keep Cena at bay for a bit, but he's dropped with another belly to back suplex, then the five knuckle shuffle. Cena shoulders Bryan for the AA, but Bryan lands on his feet and knocks Cena to the mat. Bryan heads to the top and hits a shotgun missile dropkick for two.

Bryan kicks at Cena's shoulder, knocking him down to the mat. Bryan calls for Cena to get up before kicking him again. Bryan yanks Cena's arm, dropping Cena's elbow over his shoulder. Bryan yells at Cena to get up, then repeatedly kicks him back down. Bryan goes for the arm again, but Cena rolls through, almost into the STF. Bryan counters, trapping Cena in an STF of his own. Bryan pulls back hard. Cena almost gets to the ropes, but Bryan pulls Cena back, stands him up and hits a belly to back suplex for two. Bryan hits a German suplex for another two count. Bryan holds on, but Cena breaks his grip. Bryan drops Cena to the mat and clamps on the yes lock.

Cena powers out of the hold and stands up, but Bryan traps him in a guillotine choke. Bryan drops Cena back down to the mat. Cena stands up while still in the hold, and charges into the corner, smashing Bryan into the turnbuckles a couple of times. Bryan won't break it. Cena finally does break the hold by almost suplexing Bryan into the corner. Cena shoulders Bryan out of nowhere and hits the AA, but Bryan kicks out!

Cena heads up to the top rope, but Bryan stops him. Cena pushes him away, but Bryan comes right back. Cena pushes him away a second time, and Bryan comes in with a giant running kick. Bryan superplexes Cena off the top, but holds on with his legs to the ropes. Bryan stands on the top and hits the flying head butt. Bryan pins Cena but only gets two. Cena rolls to the outside.

Bryan goes for the suicide dive, but Cena leaps up and catches him with his shoulder. Cena heads to the top rope and hits the top rope rocker dropper which is good for two. Cena picks Bryan up and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Cena goes for an AA from the middle rope, but Bryan fights back with a series of elbows to the side of Cena's head. Bryan tries for a top rope hurricanrana, but Cena holds on, jumps to the mat, and clamps on the STF. Bryan refuses to quit. Bryan pops out of the hold and traps Cena in the yes lock.

Cena makes it into the ropes to force a break. Hunter asks for the doc to check on Cena, but he says he's fine. Bryan hits two rapid fire dropkicks in the corner, but Cena comes up with a giant clothesline when Bryan attempts a third. Cena and Bryan trade rights, then kicks, then more rights. Bryan hits a flying forearm while Cena goes for a flying shoulderblock and both men are down.

The finish:

Both men stand slowly, leaning on each other. Cena slaps Bryan, and Bryan responds with one of his own. Bryan and Cena trade slaps, and Bryan gets the upper hand with a series of kicks. Cena kind of catches a backflipping Bryan, then shoulders him. Bryan counters into a DDT. Bryan stands, and heads to the top rope. Bryan leaps, but Cena catches him. Cena shoulders Bryan, but Bryan counters into a small package. Bryan catches Cena with a huge kick to the side of the head. Bryan hits Cena with a giant running knee to the face, and he gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan stands with his belt in his hand while the crowd goes nuts. Cena turns Bryan around and has a couple of words with him before sticking out his hand for a handshake. Cena shakes Hunters hand as well before making his way out of the ring. Bryan has the whole crowd chanting 'yes!' as Hunter raises his arm in victory.

Confetti drops from the ceiling for Bryan. Bryan drops down and thanks his mom and dad for believing in him, and the pyro goes off in the background. This is truly one of the great WWE moments that will go down in history... Until it's interrupted by Randy Orton's music.

WWE Championship Match
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton

Orton holds up the briefcase, then brings it back down to his side. Bryan is telling him to bring it on, but Orton turns around and walks to the back instead. He stops halfway up the ramp while the fans are chanting 'yes!', and stares down Bryan. Hunter hits Bryan with a pedigree out of nowhere and Orton marches back to the ring. Orton hands in his briefcase and we've got a match.

Orton pins Bryan for three, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

The show ends with Hunter holding Orton's arm high while the new champion stands tall over Daniel Bryan.

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    My, my, my… It’s awfully quiet here…
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    Check out The Reddit User .

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    ADR/Christian was great.

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    The only reason Del Rio gets jammed down our throats is because WWE need someone to be popular with the hispanic/South American audience as Rey is usually injured and Sin Cara is usually out as well and botches quite a bit.

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      Rio as a wrestler can be very good, Rio as a performer has literally put me to sleep more than once, I just don’t enjoy the guy on my tv. God I miss Ray, but then his last run was non-existent so I’m not sure if returning is really the best thing for him

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    Best sign of the night during Punk/Lesnar: Smarten up Dixie

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    This Punk/Lesnar match was epic, could of done without all the Heyman interference, it really took away from the ending.

    • Gary Robert

      That was part of what made it epic. Punk nullifying the F5 by holding onto Paul’s tie, Paul breaking up what looked like a Punk win after the GTS etc etc The only thing I don’t like is how wrestlers become idiots and forget they are actually in a match with someone to go after someone else and never look over their shoulders.

      • Xavier

        Lol, I never understood that either

  • The Ignored Monster

    Absolutely amazing!!!

  • savokes

    geez, 45 minutes of pure physicality and carnage, that was boss!

  • The Ignored Monster

    They used the Ascension theme for the wwe title match promo.. Interesting.

  • Tim

    No show/Henry vs the shield

    • Chris

      Is the shield done, there moment seems to have just been abandoned, their epic push dropped like so many up and comers in the wwe. RVD needs to be pushed hard against them. And i’ve got three letters, T.L.C, get me the usos, real Americans and the shield to a ppv and get them up those ladders!

  • The Ignored Monster

    Like Richard said Mega heat!! What a double heel turn!!

  • BlazeKing

    Gaaaaaaadamn what a curveball that was!!!

  • Lrgetrout25

    Is it a swerve if a majority of the viewing audience sees it coming?

  • Pinkie Pie

    Evolution is a mystery
    A small change that no one sees.
    Clock makes a fool of history.

  • Tony Rankin

    Punk/Lesnar match of the year candidate for sure

  • John

    The swerve was obvious right from the very start, yet it was still a thrilling ending. Great PPV!

    CM Punk & Brock Lesnar stole the show!

  • monty

    great PPV

    Christian should have won but great match
    punk vs lesner no doubt one of the best matches of the year(great Rivalry)

    bryan vs cena, now its great to see bryan pin cena in the middle of the ring, even though when orton came out and HHH was standing behind DB it was easy to see what was about to happen

    old school wrestling PPV ending, but hopefully DB and orton will have a long/great feud

    also can we call orton officially the corporate champion and get vice along with HHH as the leaders.

    also cena get some rest, go away for atleast 3-4 months, heal up

    also i see DB in the main event WM30

    • Gary Robert





      • Kenneth


    • HazMatt23

      also, Cena should “heel” up

  • Carlos Gonzalez C

    Well…what a turn…Hunter and Orton turning heel…I didn’t see that one coming I expected Bryan to turn heel,but now I think he will carry Cena’s babyface torch for a while at least for a few months…

    • monty

      i think wwe doesn’t like the fact how big DB have become and its beast they can not control, they put him in mid carders yet he was being cheered. He is here to stay for a while

      • Carlos Gonzalez C

        But don’t you think maybe they like him…and expect him to be a future HBK or Bret Hart?

        • monty

          i sure hope so, and i hope they show their confidence by having him in the main event picture foreseeable future

          i know one thing DB has earned everything and than some, very hard worker and whether its the casual or the IWC fans we all seem to like him a lot

          i am just glad the he pinned cena clean in the middle of the ring

  • Scooter

    I really wish Austin would sign on to WMXXX either to face Punk or HHH in the McMahon angle! I do however disagree with them not giving Daniel Bryan his moment! Punk Lesnar match…….AMAZING!!!!

    • monty

      i think they gave DB his moment for atleast 3-5 minutes before orton came out, we had the hand shakes and hugs along with non stop cheering

  • Herman Tank

    Well, I think that’s it for Christian’s World title chances. I sure hope I’m wrong. Best part of the PPV is that I think the WWE managed to piss off the entire wrestling universe in one show. lol Punk loses, Kane loses, Christian loses, Cena loses, Bryan loses, RVD screwed out of a title. Sheesh!

    • monty

      punk was gonna loose
      kane also

      christian was the one where it was 50/50
      cena was gone because of his elbow

      the ending we could see from miles away because of the long celebration and how HHH stayed in the ring, and when oton came out HHH was standing right behind DB

      but still overall a great PPV

  • Scottyo614

    Called that the night Bryan got picked and this is a great case of obvious is good. Can’t wait for the fall season here.

    • monty

      i am very hopeful we either get evolution back or the corporate champion

  • Lebron James

    Best PPV of the year by far. As much as I love Daniel Bryan, that was the perfect finish. Orton has been incredible in the ring for a long time, and was in dire need of a monster heel turn. Also, the potential of an Evolution 2.0 formation is epic! Bryan beat Cena clean, and is probably going to be hotter than ever after this PPV, so it was a win win for him. God, what a great show! WWE is raising the bar again! Loving the new direction the company is going.

  • The Nightmare

    Oh IWC, how you crack me up. All the “I saw it coming” and “It was obvious from the start”. Folks, who cares! It’s the nature of the beast we all love called wrestling/entertainment. The only thing I saw coming was Orton cashing in. Triple H heel turn, not so much. It’s going to be such a fun RAW tomorrow night that’s for sure!! Didn’t watch SS but from what I’ve been reading it sounds a little more stellar than what WrestleMania was.

    • Rarity

      Not a little. It was definitely better than WrestleMania. I’d call it PPV of the year. Punk vs Lesnar and Cena vs Bryan were both tops and the other matches weren’t half bad, either. My only complaint would be the lack of offense they gave Bray Wyatt in his debut match. Other than that, very solid PPV.

      • Gary Robert

        Cody looked good, also. But Punk/Lesnar, ADR/Christian and Cena/Bryan matches were all great.

    • Dan

      I completely agree with you. I thought Orton would cash in but didn’t think Triple H would do that…. I’m in shock!

    • Scottyo614

      The thing is, all the IWC people saying that don’t care. It was a great set up for a potentially great angle during the rough season for WWE. When the obvious is sitting there with lots of cash potential, no need to do anything crazy and I don’t think many in the IWC will dispute that.

  • Rob

    Danm I called it, with a special guest referee, also HHH, knew Bryan would
    be screwed, to obvious ending

    • John

      It might have been obvious but it was the best ending they could have went for. Would you have liked it if Cena won and walked away because that was unexpected due to his elbow surgery?

  • Matt

    Randy Orton cashes in mitb to become WWE champion, didn’t see that coming ………………………… NOT!!!!

  • Stoney

    D-Bry got a clean win over Cena, only to get screwed afterwards

  • JJ

    Hate the Triple H impact at the end….I liked his corporate roll of backstage and not being in the light. Surely he’ll come back into the light soon. However am looking forward to the Randy Orton vs DB feud, 2nd best only to the CM Punk vs DB feud we all want and need.

    • steve pritchard

      I loved the hhh swerve. I thought it was brilliant . They managed to still make Bryan look strong and turn Orton heel and probably the next corporate champion. Throw cm punk and cena into the picture at some point and we should have some pretty entertaining stuff on the horizon.

  • Mr.boswell

    You people aren’t very observant I knew Orton was gonna cash in when I saw his WIFE and Daughter sitting behind the announce table he wasnt even on the card so why would they be there

    • Matt

      Isn’t he divorced now? And if not, why can’t his FAMILY watch a PPV? I’ve been to see loads of films I’m not in.

      • Mt.boswell

        why would they want to travel all that way just so he can sit in the back and do nothing

  • Tim

    Can’t triple h be a off screen authority figure

    • Avalanchian

      He doesn’t need to be always when the crowd either totally loves him or hates him.

    • Xavier

      The thing about triple h is that he is big draw, even if he isn’t wrestling. It puts the ratings up because more people watch when the McMahons and HHH are involved. Good on them for knowing what gets people watching.

      • Tim

        He’s nothing special. Maybe he’s gets reaction. But still he’s nothing special it was best for him in the dx days

  • Gary Robert

    So now that Punk has lost to Lesnar….I’m curious what the “creative” writing team does with the whole angle. Punk’s whole mission was to destroy Heyman and I figured going in to this match that if he lost, he’d still get Heyman for a GTS at the end, but that didn’t happen either. I’d like to see if the great writing team WWE has, if they just blow off the angle (you know, unrealistically) as if Punk no longer cares about Heyman or what.

    • steve pritchard

      I’m wondering the same thing! I was thinking re match with the screwy ending . But I heard lesnar may not do any more ppvs until next year because of his contract. So who knows? My gut says re match at survivor series though

    • Kanewty

      My feeling is either rematch at survivor series, or the old team punk vs. team Heyman with maybe the stip that punks team wins he gets Heyman in a “match”(aka a gts)

      • Gary Robert

        I actually assumed a slight chance of an Undertaker interference to set up the WM match

        • Kanewty

          If they go that route, I’d expect it to happen at the royal rumble. That’s usually when Taker comes back..

    • Chris

      I don’t think heyman could do a GTS so putting him in the vise was the revenge I expected. I could see punk re-target Axel and his title next. A definite win for Curtis and championship if they do.

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    So the whole McMahon family is turning heel? And I don’t know why ADR is still holding that title. Punk vs. Lesnar match looks like awesome. Can’t wait to watch SummerSlam and the next RAW.

  • eskymi

    Well at least the belt is off Cena, but it’s worse now in my opinion….Randy Orton..ugh.

    Now we can listen to his slow………..drawn out………promos….where it seems that half the time he looks like his is trying to figure out what he is supposed to say next. Man, I hate this guy….just like someone of you hate Cena, so don’t give me any crap about it.

    I wished Bryan remained champion. But I guess I will just have to suffer for a while with Orton being the top man. Ugh!

  • Mark

    Easily PPV of the year there. Hats off to punk and lesnar who put on the match of the night in my opinion. Bryan vs cena was a very close second but the moment of the ppv definately HHH heel turn. The longer he stayed in the ring and bryan celebrated I was thinking they weren’t gonna do it, and it felt like ages before he hit him with the pedigree.Definately marked out there lol. Also Del Rio looked good as did christian, and the Ring of Fire match I enjoyed, great way to open the show. Overall a very good PPV, probably the best one I’ve seen in a good few years.

  • tone

    new found respect for Lesnar…. he was selling like a champ and worked a classic match with Punk.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    I am just happpyy bryan beat cena in a fair match 🙂 congrats 2 him

  • Tim

    So after the match with cena. Bryan couldn’t be stopped. But one move from a semi retired and a long wait could keep Bryan down. Way to go wwe the lack of sense continues.

  • Rishi

    The LA Screwjob!!! Forever a part of history. Could’nt have done it better. Great PPV!!

  • thepowerserge

    While I already knew the outcome of the main event (thanks to you, Richard), I question the way in which it was done. I mean, why in the hell would you build up a guy like Daniel Bryan, who I’m convinced neither Triple H nor VKM believe belongs anywhere near the WWE title, much less the main event, only for his title reign to be just barely longer than Bob Backlund’s. Doesn’t this make it the SECOND time Bryan has lost a heavyweight belt in less than a day? The Orton deal I’m already aware was in the planning, even if it was obvious. What I could really care less about, though, is the involvement of Triple H. I mean, come on. Is there no other meaningful way he can be involved in a program besides inserting himself? Isn’t it enough that he has 12 title reigns under him that we now have to suffer just as much, if not more, with the REAL walrus as with John Cena. And of course he assists Cena Light in attaining the belt.

  • Chris

    What I found most interesting for the Bryan/Cena match was how much Cena got in, it shows how restrictive at times the babyface role is for the man when he gets to open up on someone more babyfaced than himself and shows more power moves with a more heel like performance.