WWE Supershow In New Mexico, Seeking Correspondents From Tonight's Raw Supershow, CM Punk Shoots On Amendment 1

- WWE has announced a Supershow from the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on July 8, 2012.

- WWE will tape the Raw portion of this week's WWE Superstars and tonight's Raw Supershow tonight from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The advertised dark match main event is CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship. If you are attending and would be interested in sending us text-message updates for material taped for WWE Superstars and dark match results, send us your name and mobile number by using this form.

- Many readers don't like it when workers get political but WWE Champion CM Punk had some interesting comments on Twitter regarding Amendment 1:

  • kurt

    I fully support not only C.M. Punks political views, but fully back his right to say them. We all know that, especially with Linda McMahon being a Republican candidate for office, that the WWE doesn't want liberal views being expressed by WWE ":Superstars". Even though they are "indipendant contractors" they don't want them saying anything non-conservative. Which is completely hypocritical as the WWE ran those vignettes featuring Obama having press conferences and only understanding the drivel by Hornswoggle, which was a back door attempt to say that the President only understands that which makes no sense. It is alright for McMahon to get political, and have his conservative announcer Jerry Lawler introduce the vignettes, but not alright for someone who is on the opposing party to speak up. It is a typical Republican ploy by the corporate elite to favor one party's views, and quite the others. "Independent contractors" my butt. They are only that so the WWE doesn't have to pay health insurance. McMahon is only trying for office to deregulate the WWE if she is elected. That's why she admitted that the WWE was scripted, so they can avoid paying state sports tax. It is a disgrace that Vince would get political when he wants, but squash the workers rights to do the same when they are liberal minded. Typical Republican ideology. Promote your views while restricting others rights. McMahon is a genious at promoting, but a typical conservative scumbag when it comes to money. He has become a member of the corporate elite, and obviously is siding with the party that favors corporations the most, Republicans.

    • Manny

      I don't see where in this article it says anything about Linda or Vince trying to shut C.M. Punk up. He has the right to use his platform to say what he wants and we can choose to agree or not. Just like Linda & Vince have that right. The problem with most liberals (you included) is that you think its ok to bash someone for their opinion. You have just done it & you are wrong for doing it. If you don't like the conservative views change the channel just like I will ignore Mr. Punks opinion on this issue. I only care about how he wrestles.

      • Tomas

        Yes because everyone knows that republicans and conservatives NEVER bash anyone for their opinion. They'd NEVER think about stripping someone of their freedoms, trying to make them a second class citizen, or deny their basic human rights (and in doing so deny their humanity) by doing something to ensure that they don't have the right to be legally married if they're in love…….oh wait nevermind.

  • Kleck

    I feel a worker automatically distances himself with 45-55% of his fanbase when making comments like this (left or right wing) I watch WWE to get AWAY from what we are inundated with on a daily basis on TV online and print. Just stay away from it.

    • G Ilyas

      Definitely, I am not American so the amendment does no harm/good to me, but I still can't accept such comments. You can't just compare race to homosexuality, segregation was unfair because black people were treated as second rate human beings because they were born with dark skin, whereas homosexuality is not innate.

      Oh and with all due respect to his opinion and anyone who shares it, backing his claim with the 50% divorce rate is fooling yourself. Rather than link it with this issue, take a look at how early marriage, premarital sex and other similar stuff are contributing to this rate instead.

      Apologies to fellow readers if I talked about something completely outside the scope of pro wrestling but this is a polemic where people are taking the complete opposite approach than the one they should imo.

      • Tomas

        50% Divorce rate is a rough estimate based on statistical analysis but yes it's close enough to true to be a valid claim. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/divorce.htm

        As for homosexuality being innate, it IS in fact genetic (and therefore innate) unless you think that animals have the ability to choose to be gay as well – in which case there are bigger issues here than your homophobia.

        • G Ilyas

          It is as innate as cannibalism, does anybody tolerate it nonetheless? No, and we should not.
          Oh and I did not doubt the legitimacy of the rate, I said that there is no logic explanation for linking this rate to not tolerating homosexuality, do homo men/women have to marry each other when they're not allowed to marry same sex partners? I don't think so. Again, I think the first thing should be to look at how the behavior of your youth is worsening, compare it to generations from past decades. Ours are no different here, and I think that global pop culture is playing a major factor in that. Anyway that is my opinion.

          I'm sorry I'll stop commenting about this, I have argued with people on the internet a lot about this issue, and as time goes I realized that our cultures (excluding religions) are way too different to find any common point as far as this issue is concerned. Good day sir!

      • Jas

        Sorry that you've been misinformed on what is and is not genetic.

    • Matt Scott

      Why the Hell should he keep his mouth shut? If he wants to vocalise his opinions let him. What about your freedom of speech!? Should that be ignored to keep you happy?