WWE Superstar Returns On This Week's Smackdown (Spoiler)

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Wade Barrett returned during this week's Smackdown taping, after being sidelined with an elbow injury since February. Barrett defeated Yoshi Tatsu in a squash match.

Click here to view this week's Smackdown spoilers.

  • Matt

    Thinking about his injury still makes me cringe a little. Glad he's back! I look forward to his new gimmick and hope that pushes him to the main event spot as I think he has mic and in ring skills

    • Rob

      Look on YouTube for Sid vicious breaks leg that is cring worthy

      • That is such a bad injury.

      • That was awful ;( ow that was heroine

  • Paul

    First English born world champion? We need one!

    • Bault16

      Just another thing that America is better at

      • No, wwe is just an American business, and ‘ just another thing’ were better at rugby, football (soccer) rowing, cycling and many more. And before I get hate, I don’t hate Americans, I’m just making a point!

        • GODSENT83

          We got more tour de France, so that cycling argument kind of null and void huh???lol everything else I do agree with though

  • Adam O’Brien

    I think that when a Superstar returns, putting them in squash matches for weeks makes people lose interest quickly. I think Barrett should’ve been pushed right from the start of his return. We’ll see how it goes.