WWE Superstars Replaced This Week, Who Is Big E Langston?

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- No new material for WWE Superstars was taped this week and WWE is set to air "Best of" Raw and Smackdown episodes hosted by Scott Stanford in its place airing on Hulu.

- Who is Big E Langston? Joey Styles answers the question in a new article here on dot com.

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  • PainOfDemise

    Not sure why, but Big E Langston does absolutly nothing for me. He did not impress me at all on NXT and does not impress me now. I find him really boring and just wish he would go away or turn into enhancement talent for other people.

    I would of much rather had Leo Kruger get the jump to the main roster than Big E Langston (would of loved the Ascension, but we know how that turned out).

    • Liam

      There are people I feel deserve the push before Big E, like Kassius Ohno. However, as far as big men go, I like him a lot more than Ryback. So I’m alright with his call up

      • Rayner Chee-bai

        You got that right! I'm with you in this one. He's going to be a better big man than Ryback

  • Jamie

    He’s a nobody is who is. Pretty messed up when wwe can bring in a nobody and make there top guy look like crap. No wonder why wwe is going down the drain. Then they bring in the shield. Another nwo all over again. Those guys are boring. Then they have ryback. Another joke. Goldberg wanna b. he’s boring as hell. Glad I record wwe and can fast forward on those boring lame guys. Sad what wwe has become.

    • Nick B

      Lol make their top guy look like crap? He got one cheap shot on cena after a match. And everyone else loves the shield. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. I think you’re just being a bit harsh. Give these people a chance, I’m sure they will impress us in the future.

    • Jimmy

      And im sure you also believe that John Cena is gonna be in the WWE forever right? No, WWE needs to start pushing the younger talent, otherwise they will have a bunch of 50 year olds carrying the roster like TNA

  • So Big E is a power lifter, aka Mark Henry Jr. They even gave him Mark Henry’s old NOD singlet.

  • Logan_Walker

    Another moron wearing a singlet is what he is. That’s jobber attire!

  • hes also the guy that did the bench press record during cenas bit journey between rock and him to WM