WWE Surveys Fans On Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin & More

WWE issued a survey this week, asking fans their opinion of several past and a few current stars and the role they would like to see them in going forward.

Names on the survey included Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin, The Rock, Ric Flair and The Undertaker as past or part-time stars and CM Punk, John Cena and Triple H as current talents.

After questions were asked about each name, the survey proved two randomly selected names and asked respondents what role they would like to see that person in. The scenarios ranged from wrestling regularly on Raw and Smackdown to being featured on commentary or in a WWE reality series or highlight show. Others, asked if respondents would like to see them wrestling at Wrestlemania or SummerSlam or involved in storylines. There was also an option for the respondent to say they did not want to see the name involved with WWE.

This most likely has to do with not only bringing in talent for events like Wrestlemania XXX later this year but the upcoming WWE Network.

  • amaanakter

    How do you sign up for these?

    • WWE distributes them to different mailing lists, there’s no way to independently sign up for specific surveys.

      • amaanakter

        Thank you Richard!

  • _JIM_

    Now the question is will WWE actually do anything with the info that tbey got from the fans surveys. I highly doubt it. They have just always given me the feeling that they could care less what the fans want, and will do what they feel is best everytime. No matter how strong the fans are for or against something. Daniel Bryan being buried is a perfect example of that. Also CM Punk disappearing from the main event picture after basically carrying the company for almost two years. Punk and Bryan have gotten over almost despite WWE’s wants or opinions of where they think they should be on the card. It won’t be long until Bryan is relegated back down the card just like they did to Punk. It’s a damn shame. WWE saying that they care what the fans want and that they give the fans what they want is a sham. I hoped that Triple H having control would have changed this way of doing business to giving the fans more of what they want, but that hasn’t happened. It just seems like business as usual and nothing has changed at all as far as this goes.

    • Danny_Boy

      The WWE does in fact care what the fans want. Only the IWC which makes up a small portion of wrestling fans care about Punk & Bryan. Guys like Cena, Orton, Triple H, Mysterio, Undertaker, Batista make way more money for the company.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Yay Danny is back! Surprised you didn’t just say CM Punk buried the survey or something…

        Hang on, Batista makes “way more money for the company”???
        I didn’t realise he had been the one every crowd in the country was chanting for the last 3 years

    • Bob’s Diner

      I really don’t get why people thought things would change with HHH having more control. His track record says anything but listening to what the fans want