WWE Suspends Cameron

Cameron has been suspended by WWE until September 15th due to her DUI arrest and the aftermath that resulted in company officials finding out about it from reports online.

As noted previously, Cameron had already left for Australia by the time WWE found out about the DUI, allegations of attempted bribery and the fact she tried to conceal them as her employer. After working one day in Australia, she was pulled from the remainder of the tour and will now serve out her suspension.

  • Matt

    Honestly, it's a good move. The kids love her dancing in the ring and Brodus is still hot right now so you don't wanna just cut her. This will give her time to smooth things over with court system and to come back hopefully having learned a good lesson.

    • Matthew


  • Ralphus

    She is lucky to have just been suspended!

  • Moe


  • Gurinder

    Better than release
    What DUI stands for ?

    • joel

      Driving under influence

    • Ben

      Driving under influence most common is alcohol

    • Ken

      Driving Under the Influence.

      Glug glug, vroom vroom, as Krusty would have said.

  • missouri

    So would she have to pay her own airfare to go back to the states?

  • Axel

    Really? Why not a full on firing? Girl tried to bribe the police. If they absolutely must give Brodus a second dancer, then get someone else from NXT to do it. Cameron shouldn't have been hired to begin with.

    • Axel

      Well, they could always bring back Alicia Fox's sister to do it. Heck, why not get Alicia Fox herself to do it? It's not like she's doing anything else these days.

  • Baba

    I don't see how Chris Jericho was punished with a month suspension for kicking a Brazilian flag (which was thrown at him), but Cameron gets suspended for 2 weeks for a more serious crime of a DUI and bribing an officer.

    • dtoole

      Chris Jericho was never suspended officially. That was more of a storyline move than anything.

  • Kleck

    Suspend and watch and see how much bad publicity come from it, then make a business decision about her future.

  • Willie

    If A.W got fired for sum stupid y not Cameron

    • Logan_Walker

      Because his name was A.W! His name offended me and my intelligence. He went from Abraham Washington to A.W like I was supposed to forget. Bleh

    • prettywhenucry

      A.W. mocked a rape situation, which wasn't in good taste for a PG show. I agree that Cameron's punishment is on the light side, but as stupid as it is, WWE will see it as her first offense. A.W. has stated on his twitter it wasn't just the Kobe joke, but talking about Linda's campaign via twitter as well. Comedians joke about sick twisted things, in night clubs, and its more expected and accepted then my 7 yr old son asking what did Kobe do in a hotel room?

    • Hardy

      There’s still time for her to be fired. If you remember vkm waited for things to cool down a little before he fired aw. A bit like the calm before the storm, so she could easily still be released over it.

  • christopher525

    Could have written her off by having Sandow attack Brodus and the ladies, she gets caught in the crossfire and gets a "serious injury" or knocked over a rail or something. Then you could use that to turn Brodus into the "evil monster" that was originally planned.

  • Thisguy

    She shouldn’t even have a contract. She was the first one cut from Tough Enough.

    • prettywhenucry

      Her favorite match of Melina and Alicia Fox made my head hurt. Melina is a great female wrestler, but Fox? I can never tell if she is kayfabe or heel, and her scissor kick is always sloppy.

  • Philip Thompson

    I wonder which family member she needed to call to bail her out?

    • George

      Her Mama

      • James M>>>

        Predictable but all so necessary.