WWE Suspension Updates, Big Johnny Isn't Going Anywhere, Brock Lesnar Returning To Raw

- For those looking for a WWE suspensions update, look no further. The following suspensions are up on the dates listed below:

  • Chris Jericho's suspension ends on 6/22, he's advertised for Raw next Monday
  • Rey Mysterio's suspension ends on 6/25, his return hasn't yet been announced
  • Randy Orton's suspension ends on 7/30, he's advertised for Raw that night

- John Laurinaitis is officially advertised for next Monday's Raw Supershow and is on WWE events going forward. If you gave No Way Out an A grade because you thought it was the end of the Laurinaitis character, you were mistaken.

- Brock Lesnar is officially advertised for the go-home to SummerSlam edition of Raw Supershow in Dallas, Texas.

  • The Dude

    Was NWO really that bad? Geez. It wasn’t great, but it was no where near awful, IMO.

    • Jessie Skys

      NWO sucked!

      • kbunyon

        Please explain why you thought NWO sucked.

        – Ziggler vs Sheamus was a great match.
        – Christian vs Cody was a really solid match.
        – Tag match wasn't bad.
        – Divas match was better than we've seen from them in a very long time – quite creative
        – Sin Cara vs Hunico was an interesting and creative match – not just SC flying around for no reason
        – Triple Threat was amazing! There's so much I could say about this match, but anyone who loves wrestling who's seen it knows where I'm coming from.
        – Cage Match was solid, Cena won, but Show didn't look weak, Ace through Spanish announce – always great!
        – Tux match blew, but it was short
        – Ryback was the same, but it was short

        For a nothing B level PPV, this was GREAT! I can always tell how interesting PPV matches are by how quiet the readers in the Live Blog are, and there was a lot less talking Sunday night than there has been since Mania. I actually want to watch most of the NWO matches again, so I think it was a really good PPV.

        I put forth my reasoning, what's your's?


        • Anand

          I agree on the quality of the matches but have a few comments:

          1. The Tux match was not required. It should've either been a dark match or atleast opened the show before people actually arrived in full.
          2. For gods sake please give Ryback a match. His squashes are getting too damn boring
          3. They should really turn-on the lights in Sin Cara's matches to let people see what exactly is happening. Under the dim lights it looks like two people are just movign around and the same guy gets his hands raised after a few minutes. When was the last time someone actually pinned Sin Cara?
          3. Ziggler Vs Sheamus was a great match and the WHC needs to atleast feature in the mid of a PPV and not the opener. We all agree that if Cena has a match he will be the main event and since Punk is the next in line his will be the penultimate match. Atleast give the WHC the 3rd place in the company's order/ranking of matches…


        • Juan

          I´ll agree that both title matches were great… And HHH promo was effective since it was intended to sell another ppv (Summersalm) even though they replied the main point of it…but other than that… probably the dead crowd had some of the fault but:

          -Christian vs Cody is the type of match you don´t enjoy to see since the build up wasn't that great and the crowd wasn't too much into it.
          -Don´t see how Hunico vs Sin Cara was creative, and i´m pretty sure their Raw matches were better than this one.
          -Tag Match lacked any type of hype (except for the pre show), and there was no reason for us to care about that match since in the end 2 heel teams were involved and none of them had any type of heat.
          -Divas match: time to bring Kharma back as I really think Layla isn't connecting as a champ.
          -Tuxedo match isn´t worth mentioning it…
          -And FINALLY… the cage match wasn't solid at all… First of all, since the Royal Rumble, all of the PPVs main events have not involved any major WWE title… Second of all, Big Show and Cena both work better when they work with a faster opponent, but in this case Big Show didn't receive any type of heat from the crowd 5 mins into the match…

          Just my opinion… And I thought that Raw was exactly the same… First hour was good (since it involved WWE title and World title continuation, Ziggler breaking up with Swagger, and HHH and Heyman promo) but other than that same old same old…

  • H.M.

    I pray that we don't see him as a GM again…

  • Tyler Bowles

    Dang. I hate John Laurinaitis.

  • ricky

    He will be in a manager role i hope

    • kbunyon

      I was thinking that Ace would be Big Show's manager, but they squashed that in the main event.

      Same for Otunga, he sure turned on Ace.

      I could see him showing with Brock, but not sure how that would go down with Heyman.

      There's a lot of others Ace could 'lead' through the perils of mid-card purgatory. He could build his own little stable of wannabes!


      • opie

        Heath Slater would be his top guy, followed by some of Ryback’s recent opponents.

      • Anand

        I agree KB but I would prefer if johnny stays in a back-stage kind of role. I just cant bear this guy fumbling things on live TV and putting up a face as if he accomplished something. So many botches on live tv that people have actually lost control of it. The best was when he said RAW was approaching 100 episodes. If I were vince mcmahon I would've probably fired him on the spot. 20+ years of hard work and this moron says 100 weeks?

        Thankfully Cena AA'd him through the table at NWO and AA'd him 3 times on RAW to shut him up. Hopefully he will only make appearances in dark-match main events to amuse fans who want to see cena beat up laurinitis live 🙂

  • Bernard

    I just knew laurinaitis wasn’t out of the picture.

  • Bill

    damn damn damn!

  • lbolt187

    Big Johnny is too good of a heel to completely disappear.

  • John

    LOL everytime I see "NWO" I keep thinking it's about the New World Order.

    • Adam

      Same, I loved nwo.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    why am I not suprised John Laurinaitis. is not done as a on air character.. this is so stupid. just keep him off TV. good going WWe great way to lose your fans keeping someone people do not want to see.

  • BigMike

    his "firing " was what I had hoped would be the end of Johnny as an on screen I mean he sucked on screen he suckes as the VP of talent the only reason he has a job is his legendary asskissing and his brother being a LEGEND

  • “The Nightmare”

    To quote Ron Simmons………………………………..”DAMN!”

  • Tom lee

    Jinny again ??

  • Kevin

    Why did WWE go through the hassle of getting Big Johnny fired if he's still going to be on television?! I HATE THAT GUY, THE CHARACTER AND THE MAN! He's a talentless loser who is taking up valuable tv time that another talent could be getting. GET RID OF HIM!

  • A.C

    New World Order was awesome! I didn't see no way out. Keeping Johnny on T.V. huh? Wow. TNA as bad as it's getting may just overtake WWE.

  • Evon Reese

    I can't stand Laurinitis. I don't understand all the complaining about the lights in Sin Caras matches. It's not the lights that are making him look bad it's him.