WWE Tag Team Championship Match Added To Wrestlemania XXVIII Pre-Show

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WWE just announced that Primo & Epico will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against The Usos and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd in a triple-threat tag team match prior to Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday. The match will air live on dot com and the company's official YouTube channel at 6 PM EDT.

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  • Stoney

    If booked properly it looks like it could be a good match. I like the idea of Gabriel and Kidd together

  • I hope that either the usos or Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel win da tagteam gold

  • Pizzaman

    Yes called it

    • XKonn247

      You called a tag team that only formed on Thursday challenging for the tag titles at WrestleMania? Yea, I don’t believe you.

  • DanBo7o7

    Go Usos!!!!

  • Owen

    5-to-1 this match ends in a No Contest which leads to a Battle Royal.

  • David


  • sami

    Wrestlemania prediction…

    Epico and Primo to retain…
    Kane will defeat Randy Orton (Due to the fact Orton has Kane with to many RKO's… usually leads to the opposite outcome if someone has to much advantage… from what I have found in the past 10 years!)
    Taker to beat HHH! (Would be ashame to see Taker lose the streak at 19 – 0! he deserves the 20 mark!
    Cena to be the rock!

    I want team teddy to win! (But I feel team Johnny for some reason)
    Big Show to beat Cody Rhodes
    and divas… Kelly Kellys team to win… celebrity gimmick matches always has the celebrity win! They wouldnt come to a WWE event to lose… so thats pretty obvious

    and Sheamus and Jericho to win! for 2 new world champions!

    • Razmos01

      The Rock aint losing in his home town, he isnt gonna come back after 7 to headline the biggest PPV and lose

    • I see more of a younger Rey reinbmlseg Sin Cara. I think Ultimo Dragon was more of a high flyer, he was kinda strong also, while Rey and Sin Cara are 100% high flyers.

  • Writer


  • Trever

    Finally everyone can stop bitching about there not being a tag match at mania

  • zach v

    just so you know wwe.com and the youtube channel list the pre show as starting at 6:30 and not 6

  • Aldin94

    this match should be on the card not the divas match

  • torben

    I’d rather see this match on the main card than the Divas match.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Is it just me, but I get the feeling Kane is about to retire.

  • kim

    Yep, looks like they’ve got a good line-up this year. The only real disappointment is that there’s not going to be a Money In The Bank this time round.

  • Violet09

    Triple threat tag match makes no sense… Why would you ever tag in someone from a different team

  • Steven

    There gonna Retain

  • Paul

    So it’s not actually on the wrestlemania show? Wrestlemania strys at midnight in the u.k. Gonna be late night me thinks…

  • Noel

    Nine matches on the card? One of them is going to have to be a dark match and another one will have to be a squash match in my opinion.