WWE Takes Anti-Bullying Message Everywhere But Their Own Locker Room, Comic Book Release, Quarter 3 Earnings

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- WWE has taken their anti-bullying "Be A Star" message international as Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella appeared at an anti-bullying rally in Abu Dhabi last week. While I understand Ryback has a heel character to play, maybe they should start having these backstage at WWE TVs. Click here if you missed the melee from the weekend.

- The new WWE comic book will be released on December 11, 2013.

- WWE announced on Monday they'll report their 2013 third quarter financial results on Thursday, October 31, 2013 before market open. Vince McMahon will host a conference call with investors at 11 AM ET later in the morning to discuss the results. We'll be on the call and provide full coverage right here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Lance UpperCutt

    You didn’t need to bring up Ryback in this Be a Star rally, Someone said you are running a smear campaign against him and they are correct.

  • Nostaljack

    OK, Richard. We get it. You’re taking the Ryback thing too far now.

  • eskymi

    I am with Richard on this one. Anything that he says about Ryback I will accept as his opinions of Ryback are almost the same as mine. Only difference is he is giving Ryback a chance by offering solutions to the problems, where I would be extremely happy to have Ryback OFF my TV permanently. Let him go to TNA that I do not care about or watch.

    • Ryback took an uncalled for personal jab at me for giving my opinion. Yes, he could just be playing up his character but the fact of the matter is I’m not a WWE wrestler. It’d be one thing if his Tweet was directed at CM Punk or John Cena but his Tweet was directed at a fan. Now, obviously I appreciate the promotion and feel that I responded in a manner that was both professional and fair. This article did feature a low blow that some may consider unprofessional but the hypocrisy of WWE’s anti-bullying efforts are annoying. WWE hypes to the public they are trying to stomp out bullying, while at the same time have superstars that can’t control themselves on Twitter. Again, I understand he can just tell the office he was “playing his character” but in my opinion, he crossed a line. What if I was someone struggling with depression or self-esteem issues and he Tweeted that to me? He doesn’t know me. Obviously I’m capable of handling it and actually appreciate it but he doesn’t know that. I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard from the WWE office yet but I will answer my phone when/if they call.

      • eskymi

        I think your article about the troubles of Ryback was well written, very insightful and I felt you gave him a fair shake. Other commentors disagreed, but I respected your opinion.

        I felt the same way that he took a personal attack on you by calling you miserable etc…and that was uncalled for. I respect what you do and enjoy the site.

        I also respected the fact that you gave and opinion but then also gave what you felt could be done to remedy the problems confronting him.

        I give you a lot of credit Richard cause I dont’ think I would have been able to be professional about it like you were.

        Keep up the good work…

      • Anand Vijayakumar

        Richard – Am just curious. Does the WWE office call up people to apologize or set things straight for their stars behavior?

        I feel that what Ryback did was inappropriate. You run a wrestling news website and as a journalist you can write whatever you feel like as long as it is your opinion and not lies about the guy. Public figures should take these things in the stride and try to change nay sayers into fans. If Ryback took these so called negative articles about him and channeled that energy to be a better performer in the ring and then after a couple of months say – dude you were wrong that would have been a fitting response. Definitely not this..

        Your collection of facts about his backstage behavior go on to reinforce the fact that WWE pushed him too hard too soon. The guy needs a reality check otherwise he is not going anywhere up from his current mid-card role.

  • _JIM_

    If you want to kiss Ryback’s butt, get your own wrestling site and smooch away. But you can’t blame Richard for reporting on what happens to some Superstars and not others. If Ryback wasn’t a total tool this past weekend there would have been nothing to report, but guess what? He was, and reporting on it is what good news reporters do. You can’t sweep things under the rug or try to paint what happened in a brighter light just because you like somebody. Nor can you run people down with your reprting on people you dislike, and that’s not what’s been done here since Richard clearly gave plenty of solutions to Ryback’s problems while reporting on them. I’m totally OK with how this story was handled and that’s not just because I agree that the guy just isn’t main event ready yet. In fact i’m not convinced that he ever will be ready for the main event. I can tell you one thing, by acting the way he’s acting he sure isn’t going to get there in the majority of fans eyes anytime soon.