WWE Takes Down Stephanie McMahon's "Open Letter" To Michael Sam

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WWE has pulled Stephanie McMahon's "Open Letter" to Michael Sam from their official website. In the letter, Stephanie, as Chief Brand Officer, formally invites Sam to next week's episode of Monday Night Raw. You can still read the letter here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

I followed-up with harsh criticism about how the move shows desperation and highlights a point of irony, in a Richard Reacts piece at this link.

It's likely WWE is backing off their invitation as there is almost no chance of Sam accepting, especially considering he is likely to sign with the Dallas Cowboys as a member of their practice squad on Wednesday.

Sam, who hopes to become the first openly gay man to play in the NFL, was cut by the St. Louis Rams last week. Trying to garner attention, WWE wanted to give him a platform with an "open mic" on next week's episode of Raw in Baltimore, Maryland. WWE is doing all they can to generate hype for next week's show as they'll go up head-to-head with the return of Monday Night Football on ESPN.

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  • Kurt Luttrell

    So many things wrong with that idea. First of all, why would a heel authority figure want a person airing grievances against a corporate entity when they are being portrayed as evil authority figures screwing over talent? Makes no sense. Second, offering that spot to him takes away time they could be building their own talent, and isn’t mcmahon bitching because they aren’t building main event talent fast enough? So why would you offer valuable air time to a non wrestling personality that you need for tour own talent? Third, the offer implies that Micheal Sam has a grievance against his former team, the rams. He doesnt. He is on good terms with the team so why do something like that, that could tell the rams he might have issues he isn’t telling them? It starts trouble where there isn’t any. Fourth…you have a wrestler who came out about a year ago as gay who you give zero mic time to. It comes across as pretty much exactly what it is…a cheap promotional stunt to gain viewers and makes the wwe look like idiots. They took down the offer and Stephanie letter? Too late. I don’t know, do they have Eric bischoff and or vince Russo back on the payroll again? Because this is the same type of boneheaded move they used to make that reeked of desperation, that they hoped would raise interest in wcw, but ultimately only helped push wcw passed the point of repair.