WWE Takes The Gimmick Off El Generico (Photo)

El Generico worked Thursday night's WWE NXT live event under his real name as Rami Sebal. We have a photo in his ring gear below:

Rami Sebei

  • PainOfDemise

    Kind of sad that they are changing his gimmick, but I did always think he looked a bit silly with that mask on.

    • No worse than Dream Machine did back in the 80’s in Memphis. It is a shame that they are taking what made him unique in amongst the sea of WWE’s talent pool, Now the question is what are they going to make him into?

  • Punker

    Lame. WWE needs some Ole!

  • Maze

    isn’tit the El Generico gimmick that got him to WWE(and his talent) and now they change him up. What now sets him apart from everyone else?

  • Boogie

    [ Photo credit SunsetFlipPhotography.com ]

    • I hate thieves

      Good! I’m glad someone credits the photos here. Disgusting practice, just taking the photos you want and not bothering to thank or mention who took them. Guess don’t need to ask if you bothered to get permission to use them, right?

  • BlazeKing

    Thank you Richard… I liked that soda and it pained me to clean some off my screen. That headline was just golden!

    • Matt


      • BlazeKing

        It’s backstage wrestling lingo that means “Your career has just been potentially destroyed”

        I think two people took that the wrong way as me hating on El Generico when that definitely isn’t the case. Most of us didn’t really want him to go to WWE because we knew the gimmick was going to get taken away.

  • Im very suprised hes in excellent phyiscal condition most people in costumes arent but i doubt hell be in nxt for long hes already got the massive fan base

  • lin

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this at a house show? Perhaps they just wanted too see how he would do without the mask?