WWE Talent Visit Children's Hospital; President Barack Obama Makes "WWF" Mention

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- World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Hornswoggle, Eve and Alicia Fox visited patients at the Mattel Children's Hospital. You can view a photo gallery WWE uploaded on Facebook at this link.

- President Barack Obama made a statement to Entertainment Weekly's Nancy O'Dell referencing "WWF wrestling." The gaff, used to describe gaffes, is included in the comment below:

"We don't spend a lot of time worrying about the chatter and the noise and this and that," the president says. "I'm making conversations with [people on the campaign trail] and, as you've seen, the country isn't as divided with gaffes or some stray remark as Washington is. Most folks know that's just sort of a WWF wrestling part of politics. It doesn't mean anything, just fills up a lot of airtime."

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WWE of course has not done business as the "WWF" since May 4, 2002.

  • Wwe4L76


  • Evon Reese

    Way out of touch

    • who?

      so bret hart is out of touch too?


  • Streamz

    I'm pretty sure Obama knows it's 'WWE', considering he made an appearance on WWE TV during his election campaign.

    People these days still call it WWF because they're either embarrassed to admit they still follow wrestling, or because they assume that others don't follow wrestling any more and wouldn't understand what WWE is.

  • Kurt

    Does Obama actually write his own speeches? He certainly didn’t write what he said on WWE Raw! Can ya smell what Barack is cookin’? We all know he hasn’t a clue!

  • Who cares, doesn't matter anymore since the World Wildlife Fund ban has ended, can call it whatever now, still the same company we all love or loathe Haaa he's still the coolest pressy either for appearing on WWE TV though, props.