WWE Taping Raw Supershow & Smackdown In The UK In November - Dates & Venue Revealed Here

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WWE has announced Raw Supershow and Smackdown will return to the United Kingdom in November. Wrestling News World reader Daniel Hill sent in the following:

  • Raw Supershow will be taped on Monday, November 5, 2012
  • Smackdown will be taped on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Both shows will take place from the LG Arena in Birmingham.

  • American Fan

    Oh sweet, a lacklustre taped Raw to look forward to. Thanks, time difference. Thank goodness Wrestlemania will never go there.

    • Razmos01

      Never say never, the fanbase is much better in the UK, the fans in the states dont appreciate the product as much anymore, you are all to quick to judge when the slightest thing makes you unhappy, even though the things you say when moaning will never change anything!!!

    • Rey'swoman619

      Shut it usa guy!! UK all the way!!!!!! Rey Mysterio 619 is the best!!! .

  • Fernando

    I think they should try to hold a taping in another country, Germany, for one.

  • Steve C

    When do the tickets go on sale??

  • Andrew

    Disappointed it wasn’t in Liverpool again. Birmingham is a nothing city.

    • Steve C

      It’s the 2nd city??

      • Andrew

        2nd worst city in the uk morelike. Boring, nothing to do, no great bands come from there, poor nightlife. Need I go on?

        • tony

          Wow, talk about not knowing what you are on about. broad st is one of the biggest clubbing streets in the country might not be everybodys taste but is undeniable a satisfying night out. no great bands, its the home or metal with the likes of black sabbath, led zeppelin, judas preist. and even modern bands such as the enemy, the editors etc.
          Nothing to do? It has one of the most extravagant shopping centres in the country n the form of the bullring.
          Closed minded retard

        • monkeypiesadist

          Yes, seeing as you haven't stated a single true fact yet. What has liverpool done since the beatles? What's there to do in Liverpool besides drugs?
          Surprised the wheels weren't robbed off the WWE coaches.
          Oh look, i can make uniformed bigoted comments too.
          Stop sulking just because it's not in your city this time.

  • luke

    April 27th they go on sale mate

  • reyswoman619

    If Rey returns will he be at Smackdown Or Raw?? x .

  • rachchik83

    Will REY be @ Raw or Smackdown & WILL he be here in uk as my 6yr old son adores him!!!!! xxx .