WWE Taping TV Four Nights Straight In July

WWE will tape television four nights straight in July ahead of their tours of Australia and South Africa. The following dates are on the schedule:

  • Monday Night Raw (airing on 7/22) on 7/22 from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX
  • Monday Night Raw (airing on 7/29) on 7/23 from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, TX
  • Smackdown (airing on 7/26) on 7/24 from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX
  • Smackdown (airing on 8/2) on 7/25 from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX

You can keep up with WWE's taping schedule here on dot com.

  • Chris

    Prediction, Raw on 7/29 does HORRIBLE ratings…

    • Jesse Sherwood

      And I’ll bet that Smackdown does a 1.6

  • dragonicbeast

    i’m not watching those raw episode’s i’ll just read the results here

  • RJH

    i wont watch or even read about it xD!
    Holiday: Marching in Nijmegen

  • AK-1138

    SpoilerMania 2013!