WWE Targeting Major Name To Induct Bruno Sammartino Into Their Hall Of Fame - Who It Is & How Triple H Is Trying To Use The Same Strategy He Used To Secure Bruno To Land The A-Lister

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While Triple H ended up securing Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Hall of Fame, he's now turned his attention to securing a deal for someone to induct him. Bruno has stated publicly he would like to be inducted by someone like Dominic DeNucci or Larry Zbyszko, however, admitted he was leaving it up to WWE and they were looking outside the organization.

We're told the name atop WWE's list to do the honors is Arnold Schwarzenegger. WWE has contacted "The Governor," however, he has been a bit reluctant so far. Schwarzenegger's latest movie isn't doing well and his team is trying to figure out his next move.

What's interesting is that in dealing with Bruno, Triple H dangled the carrot of WWE Studios possibly financing the movie about Bruno's life, which in the end really helped with getting Bruno interested in working with WWE again and ultimately getting a deal done.

Now, Hunter is hoping for similar results with Schwarzenegger. A source with knowledge of the negotiations says WWE has had preliminary talks with Schwarzenegger's people about trying to land him to star in a WWE Studios production. Triple H is hoping that the possibility of WWE financing a film could be enough to get Schwarzenegger to induct Bruno into the Hall of Fame.

  • Eric James

    Why on earth would the WWE want to affiliate itself with that PR train wreck?

    • He is one of film industries biggest names. His Terminator films will make up for any bad movies he ever makes. He is a legend in film.

  • JL

    Triple H is going too be great for business once he takes over.

    • LJ

      And your going to be doing everyone a favor if you ever “SHUT THE HELL UP!!”

      • Nostaljack

        But how do you really feel?

      • JL

        Your mom should of did all of us a favor years ago and just shallowed your punk ass.

  • Nostaljack

    Excellent idea. While I think Zbyszko or DeNucci would be a great idea, the mainstream media has no idea who they are. Coupled with the fact that the mainstream media doesn’t know who Sammartino is either and you have a bit of a “mainstream translation” issue. Everyone knows who Arnold is so that instantly takes care of that problem. Hope they can get him.

  • Copy and paste his name.. annd Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be to see Arnold Schwarzenegger back on WWE TV. Would be interesting to see if they fit Arnold Schwarzenegger on RAW or maybe include Arnold Schwarzenegger him in a story who knows.