WWE Teases Major Announcement For Tomorrow Morning; The Rock Says Many Of The Boys Don't Get The "Business" Part Of The Business, UFC Fighter At Raw

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- WWE teased a "major announcement" on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow from the Board of Directors scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST on dot com. As the storyline goes, it is hinted the announcement will have to do with control of the brands between John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long.

- The following is from The Rock's Twitter:

- UFC's Chael Sonnen is at tonight's Raw Supershow in Portland, Oregon.

  • Chris

    How about some context for the rock’s tweet? Was he saying that to/about Storm or Helms?

    • Kris Hardy

      No. There is people in the locker room who hate that The Rock is getting the spotlight. So Gregory Helms Lance Storm came to his aid and said "Hey, if you are the one making the money, you should be the headliner."

      • Razmos01

        And its these certain wrestlers that need to look at themselves and think….”maybe if we was entertaining enough we would bring in more money” fact it they are not entertaining, no one except cm punk can cut a good promo like the rock, hhh and undertaker, no one in the business is as popular as the main guys from the attitude era, they are big boots to fill and until these guys learn to fill them they should stop the moaning!!

  • Ricky Valdez

    I think the match between dwane johnson and cena will suffer, they dont exactly no how to wrestle, it will have to be a straight out fight. When lesnar took on Goldberg it was bad, Goldberg did not no how to wrestle, lesnar could.

    • Chad

      Lesnar and Goldberg sucked because neither one of them gave a crap about the match since they were both leaving the next day. Hell it took them at least 10 mins just to get them to do anything.

      • kbunyon

        Lesnar/Goldberg was just ugly! The best parts of the match were the heat they received and the stunners after it was over. It would have been better if they hadn't had the match at all and not let them earn WM bonuses.

        But I expect Rocky/Cena to be entertaining, even though they aren't the best wrestlers. Rocky always put on entertaining matches, even though they weren't technically the best. That's what I expect at WM. Rocky/Cena will blow the nonexistent roof off that place because of the drama, excitement and how they entertain. That's all I'm expecting and I know they will give us that and more.


    • TheTruth

      Pretty good for a guy who can't wrestle to put on a five star match with CM Punk last year at Money in the Bank. And I know your response is going to be it was all Punk. but how many other 5 star matches did CM Punk have last year.

      • jerome im sorry i have to disagree with you but you might be right and i might be wrong im just going off what i feel is going on. i think guys in the upper prsefsoional circuits are more prone to use steroids/hgh because it is more available for them and they have more support in hiding the fact they juice, such as having their own doctors. i know bigger strong guys who dont compete prsefsoionally but compete locally in fights and bodybuilding comps and i see the difference in the guys that use and the guys that dont. idk reem may not be on something but its almost unbelievable he never was.

  • Yusef Quarles

    I think hbk will be running Raw and stephanie mc Mahon smackdown

  • monty

    let's leave business out of it for a second if i am a top wwe star and have been performing for last 12 months how would i feel if both main events are scheduled with 3 wrestlers who barely compete anymore.(hhh,taker and rock) why winners of royal rumble or someone who has a legit push won't main event, I know its a business but isn't wrestlemania suppose to be a big payoff for some of these top guys? and now next year we may get stone cold or hbk or someone else maybe even sting i mean some where this has to stop.

    since wwf/wcw days vince has not been able to create the top wrestlers or top characters like there were in the past

    hogan,sting,flair,austin,angle,hhh,taker,rock,nash,hall,ddp,bret hart,owen hart,goldberg,y2j,eddie,chris beniot etc,

    that list is from top of my head now a days not even half that list. I know wwe is no trouble with money and if they get their network they will be set for life in a way but the best of wrestling is behind us.

    last 10 great unexpected things of last 5-6 years think about it why did so many people get excited about cm.punk because most if not all are tired of same act and same dull story line. wrestling is fake we know but in the past it was easy to forget that aspect because everything seemed so real and no one knew what was a story line and what was real. Like bret and owen not speaking for almost a year in front of cameras

    maybe i am just a old school fan but my fear is that taker and hhh will be done soon what's next. I was hoping for some competition from TNA but they are doing and making the same mistakes wcw made

    • Jeff Ono

      Fair point. The future stars want their push. Now let's come back to reality and bring business BACK into the equation. There's still no justification for Vince to do anything other than putting together matches that will draw the most PPV buys. What most people fail to realize is that while wrestling fans loving wrestling, Vince McMahon loves the wrestling BUSINESS. He didn't grow up a fan of wrestling in itself. And that's perfectly understandable, given what he was exposed to at a young age (and has continued to grow the BUSINESS ever since). If future stars do not receive their push in this WM, it's not like the business will collapse. What would harm it more is not putting together the best possible WM card to draw fan interest worldwide. When Hogan was in every WM main event for eight straight years (WM 9 doesn't really count), there were plenty of wrestlers who eventually became real stars (Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, etc). But they waited for their time. Meanwhile, Hogan brought in the major PPV buys and EVERY wrestler reaped the benefits. Heck, it helped put food on everyone's table. So, let's spare the "Whoa as me, I'm not getting my fair shot" argument. Even in today's narcissistic world, it still seems pretentious for wrestlers to complain about not starring in WM … for the ones who are truly future stars, they'll reap the long-term benefits of this system … as will the fans, above all else.

      • monty

        when hogan was the main event wrester for 8 years he was helping create WM and lot of those guys were very very young, today the business has changed first of all wrestlers make a lot more money so they don't have to wrestle for 20 pus years like y2j or others. rock will bring in dollars and other media that wwe otherwise would not get and i understand its a business but in the long run you want to show the talent who shows up 362 days a year that they deserve the chance to main even a big show

        rock one PPV other top stars 10 PPV and showing up for everything the whole year.

        i am glad we will have some real wrestling matches too y2j vs cm.punk will steal the show and may even top hbk vs taker part 1

    • Da KiDD

      F all that. Marquee names are what draw for main events. You could think of all this from a moral standpoint if you want…but morality doesn't always equal dollars. Why do you think people were complaining about the dunk contest? It's because of the lack of marquee names this year. It starts with booking the marquee names (for good ratings), then once the event comes around, its up to those names to perform (for good reviews). It's that simple. Quit all the b*tching

      • Big names like the Rock = ppv buys = profit = returns for share holders. Because wrestling is a business and not a sport top spots are not earned on talent but on how much money they can bring in, in essence wrestling is like retail, you promote products that bring in the money therefore protecting your bottom line. With wwe’s recent results, I believe they recorded a loss, they need to do what ever they can to bring in the $$$. When you think from a business point of view this makes sense and the talent and fans that are complaining need to realize this. In a nutt shell this is why we have to put up with the John Cena character, because he is a product that turns a profit for the company.

    • mike

      no wrestling isn't FAKE YOU'RE WRONG, bret and shawn michaels was very real

      • Mike

        I'd just like to point out that this mike here is not the same mike as the Mike I am. I tend to post comments in a much more long-winded sort of way. My Mike has a capital.

        Just wanted to clear that up…

      • Matt Scott

        IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT! Just because one fued, and a lot of other mind, where very reak doesn't make wrestling less scripted.

  • Jaryd

    They're absolutely right. People seem to have forgotten since we all became smart that pro wrestling was never about being a phenomenal athlete and ring technician, it's always been about who puts the butts in the seats, that is essentially the be all and end all of it.

  • Jimmy

    The difference is growing up, when your a kid theyre super heroes and you believe everything they say, it’s like Santa Claus or the Easter bunny, you stop believing and the magic has gone.