WWE Teases Possible New SummerSlam Opponents For Sheamus

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WWE has a new article on dot com looking at new potential SummerSlam opponents for Sheamus now that Booker T has "taken away" Alberto Del Rio's title shot at the pay-per-view.

The following names are teased in the article:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Kane
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Sin Cara

Click here for the article on dot com.

  • Yes Yes Yes Yes !

    • Razmos01

      It will be Orton

      • mo


  • Axel

    Wade Barrett is his return match perhaps?

  • StephenSnel23

    DBryan for #1 contender! #No #No #No <– In DBryan's world that means I'm supporting him.

  • PhilT81

    If Randy Orton gets the shot and wins then I promise never to watch WWE again.

    • Tim

      I’ll sell all my wwe stuff if that happens and cancel my summer slam purchase

    • Guess u won’t be watching Sheamus is a great wrestler but Orton is better he knows what his opponents next moves are and he does what he does best and thats the end of it. We need to see Sheamus go against someone he hasn’t wrestled before think it will be great. Live RKO!!!

      • RobUK

        He knows what his opponents nexts moves are because it’s they call it in the ring…

      • Tim

        You can’t call a wrestler good cause he knows his opponents next move because wrestling is fixed call a wrestler good cause he entertains well randy is boring as can be Sheamus has been better but as if now he’s still better than Orton kane vs Sheamus would be a great feud

  • Evon Reese

    Kane or Orton

  • Eric

    Please let it be a returning Wade Barrett!

  • Zatch


    • Archie1603

      Not because he’s my favourite wrestler but I agree with you, and I hope he wins! 🙂

  • Wwe4L76

    Bryan! Tired of sheamus, cena and the other bull**** that makes wwe a kids show (yes, because of Lindas political campagne)

    • hurrigame

      It’s spelled campaign, dude. Get it right.

      • Wwe4L76

        Ok, I will remember

  • RobUK

    And this is how orton is back in the title mix… Well done WWE. Fire AW for an off the cuff joke and put orton (2nd failed wellness test) straight back into the main event.

    I’ll hold my hands up if it isn’t orton.

  • Kleck

    I may be in the minority that would like to see Rey with the title. Although, on second thought, it would be weird to see the belt walking down to the ring with a Rey Mysterio head popping out at top.

    • Luke

      Would like to see rey with a title run after his last one lasted a week was it? I remember something happening and cena got the title in the end or some BS, so seeing rey champ would be a nice change

  • Ellen

    It's about time someone in WWE realized ADR has little to no talent. Even Ricardo Rodriguez would have been a better choice. Maybe the Barrett Barrage will make its return? Dunno, really don't care.

  • Tim

    I wanna see Kane cs Sheamus two powerhouses that can work great and everybody likes

  • Jordan

    You guys are crazy it will be Jericho and he will win it then comes Ziggler watch

  • bkjh

    sin cara ftw

  • spikewestphal

    i was thinking of ryback

  • Monty

    Please not Ortom. He’s captain boring. I’d love Regal to get to be 1st English WHC as a swansong. The put Barrett over at next PPV. Doubt creative would get that creative.

  • _JIM_

    If WWE.com is where the voting is taking place and if the real results will actually name his opponent, it will be Orton. As much as he doesn’t deserve it, the people visiting “.com” will definitely vote in Orton. Just like the polls on Raw this one is pretty easily predicted also. At least IMO.

  • unknown

    they could always have it be Orton and have him win and then have Ziggler cash in money in the bank and zig zag his way to a title.

  • Joey

    Even if it is Orton the could have Ziggler cash in on him after the match and win…

  • Ryan

    Calm down ppl. We all know that unless ADR is injured again or failed a wellness test this is just keyfabe and he will go to the bod or jump through some hoops Tuesday–I mean Friday–night and get his title shot back.

  • Sean Whalen

    Hate to ruin all this buzz and anticipation but its how theyre going to bring back wade barrett, if they were going with any of the above name they wouldnt have been mentioned in the article, wwe wants to constantly surprise its audience. They’ve wanted a world title on barrett since he debuted and in his package it says hes coming back for the things he didnt do before

  • Monty

    Bravo to the 2 men above, love it. Even better if wasn’t a surprise roll up or squash. A full blownatch with DZ going over clean would be awesome

  • zach

    It’s Barrett or Orton

  • Seth

    They probz gonna have a battle royal to determine who gets the title shot js