WWE Teases Triple H's "Injuries" Are More Serious, Big Show "Faces Arrest"

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WWE "canceled" this week's kayfabe Triple H interview with Michael Cole to sell his injuries at the hands of The Big Show.

Instead of the normal sit down interview, WWE posted a video report by Cole where he played up current storylines. In-character, Cole said sources reveal that Hunter's injuries could be more serious than just a concussion and he may have a "broken jaw" and could face having his mouth wired shut. He said Big Show could face criminal charges in the state of Pennsylvania for "criminal trespass" and "assault."

Obviously, this is all kayfabe but you can check out the video at this link.

  • Juan Moreno

    I think having hhh mouth wired shut would help ratings

  • Tim

    So every other person show has done it to was fine. But the huge ex body builder cerebral assassin game triple h is so hurt and injuryed from it.

  • Avalanchian

    But but Vince is the one that rehired him. At least that is what I feel will come to be.

  • linda

    not every other person. that is why he and wwe lost their battle in court recently to have a court case thrown out