WWE Teasing Storyline Relationship Between Zack Ryder & Eve; Photos From MSG

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- WWE is teasing a storyline relationship between WWE United States Champion Zack Ryder and Eve Torres which is the reason for their pairing on this week's Raw Supershow. Ryder invites Eve out for New Year's Eve in a WWE.com video located at this link.

- LocalBozo has a write-up on last night's WWE Raw house show from Madison Square Garden in New York City with pictures. You can check it out at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Gregg for sending us the link.)

  • jdl

    Poor Ryder, demoted to the relationship storyline simply because he was in a poor performing main event. Same goes for Punk and Bryan it seems. It's even more saddening when it's not the fault of any of the performers in that match; to me it was Cole who killed that match. By that point in the episode he was so whiny, so over the top, so annoying that it made people tune out. That episode wasn't about Punk, Bryan and Ryder standing tall and proving that hard work and talent can get you far, it was about Michael Cole and his incessant whining, and the ratings showed it. "Why are you doing this to me?" describes this in a nutshell, Cole said it, why are they inflicting him on the fan base?

    • Jaycee

      I don't think Ryder is being demoted. I do agree with you about Cole. With him screaming and such, it sucks the life out the matches for the viewing audiences. Imagine if his mic was on for the live crowd? People would have been walking out. I remember reading a few years ago about JBL chewing out Miz and Morrison for going over the top in their heel commentary during a Matt Hardy/MVP match. Too bad no one took the initiative to chew out Cole about his behavior.

    • Van

      I know.nobody cares if Cole is a heel but he's now just a whining crybaby.you have to put the button on mute to enjoy the matches

    • While there are quite a few people asying Dolph Ziggler I would have to agree with them. If there is one guy that I had to sit back and think who could be the next big name to carry the company on his back it would be this guy. Night in and night out whether it be coming in and making a Mason Ryan look good, or giving Zack Ryder a win over a credible champion without complaining Dolph Ziggler is the man. For a guy who held the World Heavyweight Championship for 11 minutes and 23 seconds, you don’t see him sitting around sulking and complaining. He goes out there very night and steals the show.

  • Vince

    Cole sucks

  • Chelu671

    It's not too often I post since joining. While I did enjoy the Main Event to some degree, Cole has been getting on my nerves in the last few months. Let me put this out there, that I don't "believe" in babyfaces or heels… who I have to cheer or boo for the sake of pushes. I cheer who I want to cheer, depending on what their credentials & entertainment value to me. Cole is neither of those things, but someone so obnoxious, I can't stand to listen or look at him. There's not too many individuals that bother me the way Cole does. Eric Bischoff is also included.

    Also proud to say… I'm a Broski….. WWWYKI!

    • John

      I agree with you. I will cheer for the people that are good wrestlers, not who WWE "wants" me to cheer.

  • EvilKevyn

    Cole is awesome but why would they waste any superstar with the whole relationship angle? Especially one who doesn't need ANY help. Ryder is practically if not totally self made. Unless they REALLY need someone to fill Super Kelly's role and push Eve by…arrgh, just wasted all these letters talking about the divas….

    • RK

      By awesome did you mean awful cause I fast forward through matches just do I can hear him less

  • Frankie

    When is wwe gonna get rid of cole and raws stupid general manager and bring back triple h at least triple h add sum danger to Monday nights rather than that duo drags raw down

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Care!!!!! Still waitn for Daniel Bryan and AJ to hook up. How bout that?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I knew this would happen.. one low rating and Vince panics, Cole didn't help at all either by whining the whole time, wish they would get him off TV for a While. he is ruining everything with his over the top antics and he is the reason I don't watch WWE with the sound on. I mute the sound.

    As for Ryder and his relationship angle with EVE. I see nothing but bad things. when it's over Eve will turn on Ryder end of story. it's so transparent and been done to many times over the year.

    Same goes for Bryan and AJ.

  • mike

    eve sucks

  • darkdefender85

    Putting midcard talent in relationship storyline is something that has been done for years. It is not a demotion, it is a storyline that gets you on TV.

  • ease9310

    Zack Ryder,and Eve are a HOT COUPLE,they should be together,forever,and ever!

  • Ada

    WTF lol Hey listen pleope john cena has NOT turned heel as of yet.Yeah i know cena did beat the crap out of jack swagger there but that does not mean he is officially a heel now.He is still a face cena just showed´╗┐ his aggressive side by beating the crap out of jack swagger.You cant call cena a heel,until he attacks another popular face like cm punk.I read some comments here and everyone is happy that now cena is a heel lol you have to realise that this was not a heel turn.