WWE Teasing Undertaker, Lashley At WWE Live

- WWE continues to tease Undertaker on their official Twitter account. While I haven't heard why they are teasing him, we did report here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium on August 21, 2013 that WWE was hoping Undertaker would come back and work Survivor Series. Maybe that's why they're teasing but maybe it's for something else. However, don't forget that report as we move forward.

- Bobby Lashley stated on Twitter that he'll be attending Friday night's WWE live event in Denver, CO. Lashley lives in the area.

  • Scott Davies

    I thought it would be for Kane & this is a swerve.

    • Christen

      Kane is filming for See No Evil 2

      • Scott Davies

        Yes, but he has been off since Summer Slam & would be bound for return soon.

        • Jesse Sherwood

          Scott, the filming literally just started this week. He’s going to be out for at least another month or two.

        • Christen

          Yes he had been out since Summer Slam. But most likely that was to prepare for the role. Filming for the movie started like few weeks ago. So Kane will be out til Survivor Series if not before the year ends.

      • Rus

        I cant see WWE having any of their roster away filming movies on there main 4 PPVs a year, I could be wrong but

  • Christen

    Well the tweet says Born a Survivor 11-22-1990 #RestInPieces. If you know your wrestling the Undertaker made his official on camera debut Nov 22 1990 as a heel a partner for Ted Dibiase the event was Survivor Series. Hopefully we will find out soon

  • Dustyn

    Survivor series in on November, 24 this year, two days after his 23rd anniversary of his debut.

  • Dustyn

    Also, Gobbledy Gooker also debuted Nov, 22, 1990. Wouldn’t that be a let down lol!

    • Scott Davies

      Should of been WWE Champion lol

  • DrewF812

    I thought WWE was teasing Undertaker and Bobby Lashley at a live event….

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    Undertaker & Kane vs The Wyatt Family

  • Lebron James

    Lashley was a beast! Second most athletic big guy I’ve seen. Lesnar being first. I hope Vinny or Hunter can somehow convince him to comeback. He’d make things interesting.

    • Mysterion

      His mic work and ring work were about as interesting as watching clothes in a washing machine. That’s not even turned on.