WWE & THQ Provide An Inside Look At New Features In WWE '13

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The official WWE YouTube has posted a sneak peak at the upcoming WWE '13 video game, courtesy of THQ. A number of new items are revealed, such as in-game footage, the new "WWE Live" feature, expanded commentary teams, and more. The video is embedded below:

  • The GameBreaker

    The crowd was cheering ''Oh my god!''. Sure, that's exatcly what the real crowd cheers when a big spot happens.

  • Shawn

    They could’ve put holy**** in the game and they could’ve bleeped the shit out

    • Who the h*** would want a bleeped out chant in the game?!

  • Lenny

    This video game is shaping up to be the best damn WWE game there ever was! I’m dwf buying this!

  • Brandon Ceielo

    This is the first time I'm actually excited for a wrestling game since SvR06. Pre-ordering this.

  • eric

    Thank u WWE preorder 2 already

  • Jeff

    seems pretty cool i like the new features what would be nice is if they should the divas some love and put more than just 7 in there like at least 10 or 12 a even number you know, and it would be pretty sick if they brought back the "Create A WWE Championship" feature i really enjoyed that featured but all around this game seems pretty entertaining i might pre order it, just a little closer to october 30th though so the anticipation doesnt kill me haha

  • They should of waited 2 month before the game comes out to see if punk would turn heel. Before putting him on the cover

  • Funk fanf

    The create a championship would be awesome with the new arena! You could have your own brand!