WWE Thriving, Fandango’s Concussion, Jericho Off Key PPVs, Most Underrated In TNA

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In your honest opinion, after the Attitude Era ended, do you think the WWE would have survived to this day by running its promotion the same exact way it's done all these years if there was any legitimate competition out there?

I never like to play the "what if" game because "what if" WCW won the war and it was the other way around? That was an actual possibility, however, the landscape is vastly different in 2013. The way your question is phrased it sounds like you believe WWE is just surviving because there is no other entity to challenge them. WWE is a massive multi-million dollar entertainment company. I know hardcore IWC fans are disgusted by that image but the fact of the matter is, they make a lot of money. WWE isn't just surviving, they are thriving and they've driven any thought of competition back significantly. I only expect the company to continue to grow with international expansion and strong internal direction. I was just thinking this morning of the impact "Total Divas" could have on WWE. Look at what E! did to the Kardashians. I'm not saying the Divas are the next Kim Kardashian but WWE is taking what is basically an afterthought on their programming and putting them at the forefront of pop culture.

What's the latest on Fandango?

Fandango passed an ImPACT concussion test but did not past further exertion testing. As we noted earlier this week, the return from a concussion in WWE is now a stringent two step process. With that being said, Fandango's return is imminent and a significant development will be realized on this week's Smackdown. Click here for taping results.

What does the short-term future of Chris Jericho look like?

Chris Jericho is not scheduled for any WWE pay-per-views past next month's Money in the Bank as he'll return to Fozzy to tour with them. He has a part-time deal with WWE and will work when he's available. The deal is straight out of the new philosophy of the company's stance on part-timers and Rob Van Dam is coming back under a similar arrangement.

Who do you feel is the most underrated worker in TNA Wrestling?

After this week's Impact Wrestling I just can't say enough about the work of Samoa Joe. I don't care what people say about his look, he has all the tools to be a major star in this business. The way he works at his size is phenomenal. We give a lot of "bigger" guys a pass because of size but Joe is as good as anyone. For me, he's the most underrated.

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  • Chris

    Nobody that watches E! is going to watch WWE!! That network is for the gays!!

    • You don’t get it. WWE isn’t looking to attract the pro wrestling audience on E. They’re expanding their demographics.

  • Matt

    Well none of the divas will be Kim Kardashahoe because they arent arent going to get famous by being a pornstar.

    • No, again you’re missing my point. Kardashian is just an example of someone that went from having a sex tape leaked to a household name through the use of a network like E. WWE has a group of athletic and talented women that are good looking and very marketable. Highlight them with the typical drama/romance the people that consume that network are used too and you have a gold mine. For example, WWE alienates my wife. She’s not going to sit down and watch Raw. However, she watches E. It gives WWE an avenue in. From a business perspective, it’s absolutely genius.

      • Xavier

        Well said. The more demograhics of fans the WWE appeals to the better.

  • john

    I totally understand why the wwe agreed to do the show for E! but IF/WHEN the ppl who watch the E! channel switch over to check out raw there gonna see bogus,pointless and NOTHING having to do w/ the show matches and stories. So in the long term couldnt that actually hurt the wwe?

    • WWE is more than TV ratings and PPV buys. The merchandising possibilities off this series alone will be very valuable to the company’s portfolio. Especially a company looking to attract all demographics to their television network.

  • jdl

    Joe is not the most underrated performer in TNA, everyone knows he’s a fantastic worker with solid promo abilities and an interesting look. He’s under utilized due to management not knowing what to do with him.

  • Jbreed

    There’s no way the WWE would have gotten away with shoving the same guy down our throats for the past 7 years and by going PG if there was strong competition out there.

    • Xavier

      Sure there is. The WWE did it in the 80s when WCW/NWA was legit and was still the top wrestling promotion out there.