WWE Title MITB Ladder Match Participants, Bringing Back Past Talent, Heat Between Orton & Cena, CM Punk's Road Wife

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Will more participants be added to the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match?

My initial feeling was there would be more participants added but after looking at the wording today on dot com, it appears this year's WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match is going to have four participants. Here's the official wording: "It will consist of only former WWE Champions. This year’s participants are Big Show, Kane, Chris Jericho and John Cena!" We'll see if things change but it appears WWE wants it to be a main event level match with only four workers.

With Vader, Wendi Richter and now Sid, is WWE planning on signing older talent to the roster or were these one shot deals? If they are one shot deals, isn't having these old guys squashing the newer talent just undermining them going forward?

WWE is bringing back past names to work one shots to promote the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012. I don't know if the plan is to squash Heath Slater every week but he's an enhancement worker whose job is to put people over. Does it undermine him and make him look weak? Yes, but that's what an enhancement talent is supposed to do.

In Randy Orton's new DVD he and John Cena were seen being extremely friendly with Cena even being shown with Orton's daughter. Did their friendship fall apart recently?

Randy Orton upset everyone with his latest WWE Wellness Policy suspension and attitude afterwards. The feeling is Randy is unreliable and not someone WWE can invest in long-term with two official Wellness strikes. I posted a huge story here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium how John Cena and CM Punk have gone to Vince McMahon in attempt to try and nudge Orton out.

CM Punk calls Kofi Kingston his "road wife." What is the meaning of this term?

CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are friends that travel together. Given the fact WWE workers are on the road 300 days out of the year, most travel with friends for company and to share expenses. Someone like Punk probably doesn't have to worry about money (he has his own tour bus) but I'm sure he enjoys hanging with Kofi.

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  • Logan_Walker

    Well Thats Devious Of CM Punk & Cena Well i say that Orton Should Stay

    • Paul

      Trying to get rid of their biggest competition me thinks

      • OneShotDeal

        Really? Not, say, trying to get rid of someone who they both feel doesn't deserve his spot due to behaviour both in the past and the present? Not disgusted with his attitude since his second wellness strike? It's obviously that they're worried about the competition… because their spots as #1 and #2 in the company are really under threat…

  • Drifter

    If they’re only going with RAW talent for the MITB match The Miz and Mysterio can still be added.

    I’d hope they are added, a four man money in the bank match feels really underwhelming, regardless of the participants already advertised.

    • Toby Tyler

      Miz, Mysterio, Del Rio all fit the credentials of former WWE champions and would not lessen the degree of talent in the match at all. Also Shaemus, but assuming he is still champion would not be in the ladder match.

      • Anand

        Miz and Mysterio could be good additions to the WWE Title MITB match. Miz, Mysterio and Jericho can bring in the much need quicker pace and high flying action that guys like Cena, Show and Kane usually dont.

  • lethimmisspelll

    Richard!!!!!!!! broski, I love the Q&A!
    But for questions a day is not enough!
    Ever think of having more Q&A for premium members or something?
    How about specials once a week where you answer more questions?
    Keep up the good work BOI

    • Guest

      He does that thru the Premium mailbag every week

  • Bob The Builder

    There are only a few former wwe champions on the active roster at this point, even if they wanted to bump it to 6. Adr, sheamus, miz and ray mysterio.

  • Ryan

    Rey mysterio was a former wwe champion i think he will return

    • Anand

      His suspension is over too. So, i suppose he returns on Raw next week and enters himself into the MITB match because he is a former wwe champ and practically because has no feud to jump into upon return 🙂

  • craig

    i am sure Kofi loves saving money on the nights him and Punk work the same shows. plus i dont think it would get Kofi heat since he traveled with Punk before the tour bus. also, to add to above Punk called Kofi his road wife on wwe.com when he showed off his tour bus.

  • Daniel Lim

    Why is The Miz isn't in the WWE Championship Money In The Bank if the match consists of former WWE Champion? Is WWE are going to make us forget that The Miz is their former WWE Champion? *sigh*

    • WyFo

      Well it’s not EVERY former WWE Champion. Just some. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Miz in it because I don’t want to see a 4 man MITB match. Atleast 6 would be nice, but I’d prefer 8.

    • Ron

      Miz is out doing The Marine 3:

    • Anand

      Miz is out shooting for the move Marine 3. So, he wont be back for atleast a few weeks. So, he cant be in the MITB match

  • someguywithanidea

    brock lesnar triple h, and Undertaker are all former wwe champs as well

    • Phil

      Kane, Jericho, Cena, big show, lesnar and hhh would be arguably one of the best main events ever!

  • Steve l

    Rey needs to be added other than Y2J these guys aremt highflyers. Im sure Cena and Kane and Show will work hard thpugh. Miz wpuld also be a good addition.

  • Mr.Kevo

    I really hope that they don't go through with a 4 man money in the bank ladder match, especially with the already advertised participants. I really don't see Cena, Show and Kane being able to put on a good ladder match.

    Ladder matches work best with high-flying, agile competitors. I always like Jericho in ladder matches but I really hope that they add Miz, Mysterio, or ADR to the match to make it more entertaining.

    • Anand

      I agree for everything you said except adding ADR to the match. I feel he is overrated and not as good as the push he is been given. Guys like Cody Rhodes or Ziggler deserve that opportunity more than this guy.

      • Mr.Kevo

        Couldn't agree more. I too feel that ADR is overrated. I think the push is due to his look and his appeal to the Mexican market. His in ring skills are average and every time he gets on the mic I find it boring to be honest.

        I was just tossing out the idea of him being in the match since the stipulation is that you have to be a former WWE Champion to enter. I would much rather Christian, Cody Rhodes or Ziggler to be in the match but they are not former WWE Champions. We can only hope that they are in the Smackdown MITB match. If so, I see the Smackdown match being a lot better.

  • LeBron James

    Wow, I was just starting to like Cena again. All the respect I gained for him is officially gone. How is he going to try to get another man fired like that, it's selfish and disgusting. He clearly isn't the guy he portrays himself to be. He's a little devious jerk. I hope Orton comes back as a heel, and proves Cena and Punk wrong. Cena has really started to become an a-hole as of late from what I've been reading.

    • Marc

      Cena and Punk are trying to get rid of him because they don’t want bad role models in the WWE especially with the current PG rating.

  • Robbie

    I think Orton should stay but not be put in the main event spot. Give someone else a chance like Rhodes or Ziggler (even though he is getting a push atm) and Barrett when he returns. Just keep Orton but put him in the mid-card level

    • Anand

      For the money WWE pays Orton, there is no point in keeping him at the mid-card level. Moreover WWE doesnt have enough top main-event stars enough to push Orton down. Also, Orton is very popular among the fans. So, all this points to the obvious – He will return as a main-eventer…

    • OneShotDeal

      Have Orton face all those guys you just mentioned, but have him lose every feud. His role should now be to elevate other talent, in my opinion he no longer deserves to be going over on a regular basis.

    • Dan

      I actually like that idea. Let him kinda reprieve himself before back in the main event.

  • Monty

    Keep hating on orton he will be main event type player in wwe or will just ask for his release. Hate him all you want he is one of the top guys in the ring