WWE TLC Dark Match Result

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Drew McIntyre beat Alex Riley in a dark match prior to tonight's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view.

  • REB

    Drew McIntyre on a winning streak! YES YES YES! GIve this young talent a PUSH NOW!

    • Alex

      I'm sorry, I've been behind. What' the winning streak? Big Mcintyre fan though!!

  • Ranveer

    Wow Riley must really be in bad shit to be so deeply buried in the doghouse… from beating Miz clean to losing to fellow doghouse resident Drew!!

  • jay2681

    i was at the ppv tonight. i dunnbo what happened but drew got a mixed reaction. it wasnt just boos. its weird how he got alot of cheers from the audience

  • Dreambooker

    No offense meant but they really need to tweak Drew's character. Last match i saw him drew (pun unintended) no crowd reaction at all!

  • Ann

    i'm a huge fan of both drew mcintyre and alex riley – wish they'd get more ring time….