WWE TLC Interviews With Zack Ryder & Daniel Bryan; HBK & William Regal Comment On Bryan's Big Win

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- WWE has posted interviews with Zack Ryder (watch) and Daniel Bryan (watch) after their wins at last night's WWE TLC pay-per-view.

- The buzz also continues on Twitter with Shawn Michaels and William Regal offering Daniel Bryan congratulations. Below are their Tweets:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us this information.

  • Bertie

    Two legends with great comments!!! Why couldn’t Dave “I left too soon and now regret it” Batista not have been as nice with his comments? Can’t say it’s a size issue as he was al over Rey mysterio being champ #jealous!!!!

    • Man

      I understand Batista. Must be frustrateing to allways have a roof of rules over your head. Allways limmited to what you can do.
      When it comes to ray, he has to be one of the best wrestlers ever. The things he has done in ecw and wwe is crazy. Daniel has also done som crazy stuff, but not in the biggest leagues. So ray is more deserving if you Ask me. But I really love to see Daniel as champ 🙂 so dont get me wrong 🙂

  • Logan_Walker

    Did The WHC Fight Really Count ?
    Because i believe the miz tried to cash in on John Cena he had to be able to stand before the match could start

  • thatguy

    the rule has been they have to be standing/able to fight in order for the match to start. What bryan did was almost exactly what he did when he pinned henry.

    • hurrigame

      Yet they allowed ADR to win that way back in August, so why not D-Bryan?

  • Chris

    The rule is any where any time, edge pinned cena, and the undertaker when they were messed, and CM punk killed edge and walked into a GTS and the bell rang before they were standing

  • Andrew schmidt

    Can u really expect daniel bryan to fight big show standing up they had to do something cuz daniel couldnt put big show down standing up

  • BigMike

    U also need to remember that HBK and Regal also were the people who TRAINED The American Dragon…still very classy

  • BigMike

    everyone who has won the MITB ((except RVD who picked his spot )) has won the title the EXACT same way

  • Captain Booger

    Daniel Bryan = BORING!!

  • caz

    The issue was Henry was not 'medically cleared' to wrestle. But since Big Show was able to compete, he lost the title.

  • Ilyas

    I'm very proud of the world championn Danial Bryan for winning the tittle,he deserves it.

  • Shawn

    Please can daniel bryan train me how to fight wrestle,and be a great champion