WWE TLC Main Event Changed Due To CM Punk Injury

The WWE TLC main event has been changed. As Brooks noted, it was announced at Tuesday night's WWE television tapings that Ryback will now pair up with Team Hell No to face The Shield.

Punk, who was originally scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against Ryback, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday in Pensacola, Florida. We have the latest details at this link.

  • Veeeeeeeery interestiiiiiiiing.

  • _JIM_

    Well that’s one way of keeping the strap on Punk, without making Ryback look weak, so that he can face Rocky at The Rumble.

    It’s pretty cool The Shield is going to main event their fist PPV where they have an actual match. Goes to show just how much faith the company has in the 3 of them. I’m happy the company decided to go that route and that they are giving them this chance. Though IMO they need to have a match or 2 on TV prior to the PPV so people can see what they have to offer. But that could take away from peoples curiosity of seeing their first match and having it be against Ryback. I REALLY hope that they win!! Ryback is already starting to bother me. He’s nothing but the sterotypical muscle bound pro-wrestler and I’ve already seen a thousand of them come and go. It just amazes me that the same old formula keeps working over and over again.

  • Snap

    At least the replacement match makes sense from a storyline perspective.

    • Anand

      Finally The Shield gets a quality match. With guys like Kane, Bryan, Ambrose etc involved the match is bound to be AWESOME

  • Nathen

    The problem I see with this is that the Shield will likely end up buried. I could be wrong, and hope I am. But it reminds me of the Nexus' build up that led to them getting destroyed on their very first official match at a PPV, Summerslam I think.

  • Frenchfry

    sounds like a fun match, but is that the main event?

  • AUSTIN 3:16

    So Punk gets injured but gets too keep the title, SMH. Didn't Cena & Batista have too give up the titles when they got legit hurt, Didn't Kennedy have too give up the MITB briefcase when he was legit hurt. Why the hell is Punk so Fíng special that he gets too keep the title?

  • pika

    definitely CENA and ZIGGLER will be the main event simply because of CENA.

  • Jim

    The belt is reserved for played out, awful, lame, corny, ass clown John Cena at WM. Him stealing Ziggler's shot will prove once and for all that WWE infact sucks these days.