WWE TLC Match Officially Changed - Watch How It Happened Here

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Embedded in the video below is how they explained the WWE TLC main event change on this week's WWE Main Event:

For those sheltered from the spoilers, Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship has been changed to The Shield vs. Ryback & Team Hell No in a 6-Man TLC Match.

  • Ellen

    This is as much crap as the "emergency" elbow surgery John Cena had. Yes, I'm a mark for Cena – but these things don't happen over night. If Punk's knee was so bad it needed surgery – he knew it long before this last Monday – Just like Cena knew about his elbow long before the last PPV he missed. WWE must think we're all mindless!

  • Loren_G

    Am I the only one who thinks it takes away from the "specialness" of a TLC match if the match can be won by pinfall/submission?

  • Brian

    With no WWE title match in PPV/Main Event,

    Look for TLC to be the lowest PPV buy rate

    Of 2012. Who’s going to spend $50 to watch

    A meaningless six man tag team match and

    Vena vs Ziggler? Unless the make show vs sheamus

    The main event we know ziggler won’t be cashing

    In as he’s defending the case.


  • Jeremy

    This realy sucks. Me and my dad went thru hell to get tickets for my birthday, and now were both really dissapointed. Btw, is it known whether or not CM Punk will at least make an appearance? He should be on commentary, or change storyline and have in align eith The Shield and be in their corner. Something to have him there.

    • -|AZ|-

      CM Punk should totally do commentary m/

  • I think cm punk will be at the commentary side