WWE & TNA Wrestling Battling Behind-The-Scenes For A Presence At A Major Location - Details On What Is Going On & How It Has Massive Long-Term Implications

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There is a lot of interesting stuff going down in Orlando right now. Most people already know about WWE potentially opening a physical Hall of Fame at Universal Studios. As we've previously reported, the leaks about WWE's interest in the location that was formerly used for NBA City were on Universal's end. WWE wasn't happy as the feeling was the theme park leaked the negotiations in an effort to drive up the lease.

We're told there is one particularly big hangup and it involves TNA Wrestling in a roundabout way. Basically, WWE wants to be the only sports entertainment company in the theme park. In theory this wouldn't be that big of a deal but we're told Universal doesn't want to give WWE exclusivity unless they agree to tape a show at the theme park. Universal didn't want to see TNA leave as they were happy with the arrangement and liked having a regular event from the park that broadcast on a major cable network.

If WWE wants to block competing companies from doing business at Universal Studios, they will have to tape a show there. With WWE already being locked in at Full Sail University with WWE NXT, they aren't in a position to tape a show there, nor are they interested. We're told this could be a deal breaker if neither side backs down.

Another element in this is we're told TNA recently "tested the waters" if they ever wanted to return (not necessarily by taking Impact off the road, but for a potential special like they did with the "One Night Only" shows), if they would be welcome if WWE had a presence there. This was seen as another reason why Universal doesn't want to simply "hand out exclusivity" to WWE.

Sources close to situation seem to feel like the impasse could be solved if Universal had assurances that the WWE HOF location would be regularly mentioned and featured on WWE programming since the TV exposure Impact brought the park is the main reason they've be hesitant to agree to something that would prevent TNA's return.

  • Nostaljack

    As Richard has said himself, WWE and TNA aren’t on the same level in any way. If Universal wants a sports entertainment attraction there and WWE wants in, they should take them – no questions asked. If they have both TNA and WWE, no one will bother with TNA. TNA would come out of that looking awful. WWE can just plug it on their shows and it’s a dead issue. TNA is not now and likely never will be any kind of impedance to WWE.

  • Ben

    Why not start the cruiser weight show
    Put Christian Rey and being undone top names and prove that they can have a b level show better ten tna all together
    Plain and simple

    • Nostaljack

      Because there’s no reason to bother. WWE has already proven that it better in every way. TNA has great workers but great workers do not a successful company make.

      • Ben

        Exactly so now start breaking them down by taking their home away
        Prove it again get the hof
        And If and when tna can’t go on the road anymore they no longer have a back up plan therefore
        They r screwed and possibly the Carter’s go to McMahon he buys tna
        And all of its