WWE To Cut Ties With Hall Of Famer?

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Ricky Steamboat being removed as a WWE NXT trainer was seen as part of Triple H looking to overhaul the company's developmental system. While the word was out at the time that Steamboat would be transferred to Talent Relations, the company didn't end up finding a position for him.

Steamboat has been relegated to an "ambassador" position, basically doing PR appearances like what we reported on Wednesday. He's well liked by everyone and many in the office feel bad he lost his trainer spot for seemingly no reason other than he wasn't one of "Triple H's guys." It's not that Hunter has anything against him either, it's just he wants a team of "his guys."

We're told Steamboat fears his days in WWE could be numbered, however, the company is pleased with how he represents them when doing PR and appearances. There are no plans as of this writing to get rid of him.

  • John

    I’d laugh if they appointed Kevin Nash to the role as a trainer.

    It would at the very least stop everyone claiming Triple H to be the great white hope of the WWE beyond Vince McMahon!

  • Patrick

    I know HHH want’s a Team of Trainers called “His guys”…but sitll that was a stupid move to remove Steamboat as a trainer.

  • Chris

    Tripple Douchebag at it again!!