WWE To Revamp Divas Division?

WWE is currently doing external research regarding their Divas division.

The company wants to know what role fans prefer to see Divas in - wrestlers, love interests to Superstars, managers or dancers. They are also asking focus groups to compare the Divas of today to Divas of previous eras and what roles they would like to see Divas in.

Given the recent departures, WWE is looking to tweak the division headed into the new year.

  • Isaac

    Let the ones who can wrestle, wrestle and the ones who cant be managers. Oh and get rid of that belt too

    • Michael

      they should just bring the womens championship back though.

    • Alex P

      It sounds so basic right? I mean that's what they used to do…the good in-ring ones wrestled and the ones that weren't meant to be in-ring managed/were love interests

  • martin

    I'd like to see strong women, not barbie dolls who only look good and are no use at anything else!!

    • Ray

      I say keep some Barbie Dolls, you don't want to get rid of them all… just stick 'em on some dudes arm; or have ring girls incorporated in some way. Than, build a Womans division that is actually worthy of a Championship. Most of what WWE has now would have to go though…

  • Frenchfry

    wrestlers please, like kong

  • Angel Psymon

    Wrestlers, please. I want to have the divas be in story lines that progress, like what the guys have, but more importantly, I want to see them wrestle and not do that "watch me shake my ass" and "let's make this move more provocative" stuff like they do now.

    I want more like Lita!

  • Patrick Peralta

    I like women who are good wrestlers I want to see women's wrestling matches….no love interest storyline or other BS……look at the women's promotion "Shimmer" they wreslte. I miss the days of Trish , Lita Molly holly and others who could wrestle.

  • _JIM_

    It's kind of weird that WWE is looking to pigeon hole the Diva's into one group. How about we treat them just like the male wprkers and let them do what they are best at. Sounds like a no-brainer of an idea. Since this is a PRO-WRESTLING company, I think it would be smart to sign some woman that can actually work. There's no need for a "Nitro Girls" remake or some other kind of dance troup / cheerleader group. I love the eye candy that WWE gives us, but given the fact that these girls signed contracts with a wrestling company that leads me to believe that they want to be wrestlers. Train the ones who want to wrestle to wrestle and make the others into valets / managers. The key to a successful Diva's division is having woman that can actually work, and as of late WWE hasn't been doing to good at making that happen. There are a few that have improved quite a bit in the ring. Eve being at the top of that list IMO. She went from being a dancer that did nothing but look good, to being pretty solid in the ring and fantastic on the mic and at playing the role she's been given.

    • A big flaw in your argument is that you assume WWE is a “pro wrestling” company. I’m sure Vince would disagree.

  • Michael

    The women they have now are fine. They just need more women and better storylines.

  • Hollie

    I find it really hard to believe the company that gave us great matches involving Chyna, Lita, Trish, Molly Holly, Jazz, Gail Kim, Victoria now give us people like Eve, AJ, Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn.. They could have pulled it back with the introduction of Mickie James, Natalya, Kharma, Beth Phoenix, but they dropped the ball with two of these and obviously sad circumstances surrounded the other.. Bring back the divas in the way they were previously..

    It's the same as when they gave us great tag team matches in the late 90s with The Hardyz, The Dudleyz and Edge and Christian, now they just cobble together any two people and strap a belt on them..

  • Frankie O

    My vote is for nonexistent

  • PapaBurgundy

    Leave the wrestling to the men!! I wanna see mud wrestling, lingerie wrestling, & bikini competitions like when “Sabel” was around!!!

  • JFetch

    HHH is looking to get rid of the Divas division. This has been known for 6 months. He had a three point plan. 1. Bring more talent up from FCW. 2. Focus more on the tag team division. 3. Phase out the Divas division and keep only a few around to be managers and announcers. It's the reason so many divas have left recently. They knew their days were numbered.

  • George Waldman

    If they talked to me, I would tell them that I would like to see WWE produce another 2 hour show and devote it completely to the Divas. Give them a chance to REALLY show people what they are capable of doing. Also, I'd give them their very own 3 hour PPV.

    • HugeRockStar

      Problem there is almost no one would watch it lol.

  • Connor

    I'd rather see them wrestle, regardless of what they look like. I watch a wrestling show for wrestling, and if I wanted to watch big breasted women in low cut tops that can't act I'd watch porn.

  • Liam

    Definitely wrestlers. Let Sara Del Rey lead them into the future. She’s a better wrestler than most of the male talent were stuck watching every week. I could honestly see her and Paige main eventing a Raw in the future. Just have to put them into some good storylines

    • MonstaHeel450

      Paige and Sara: The New Trish and Lita of this decade…. maybe

  • steve2

    Lita’s hot.

    Doesn’t really further the discussion, just throwing it out there.

  • neweramaze

    Go out and recruit like they used to. There are a lot of great women workers out there they deserve to be looked at. WWE prides itself on hiring former models who end up leaving after a couple years to go back to modeling. Lets get some actual female wrestlers.

  • gerr

    Just look at the knockouts… they have story lines and can wrestle unlike the divas!

  • Louis

    Women who can actually wrestle. Give the division more TV time. In fact, Trish and Lita actually MAIN EVENTED a RAW in 2004. Would be nice to have that like twice a year or something only if the women wrestling in it can deliver a great match.

  • mathew30

    as long as Vince makes the moves and keeps firing the talent instead of the rubbish writers, they will never have a good or even decent divas division again. NEVER

  • Sharon

    I say use the women as wrestlers, love interests, and managers. Let the ones who can actually wrestle a good fight, wrestle. Other women should just be love interests if they are not meant for wrestling and let the women who have been around for a while, experience the managerial duties. Don't get rid of it, that would be sexist.

  • Joe

    Why do we all pretend to care about a Divas division? Was Sable the reason you where watching during the late 90s? Did anyone say “WCW is so boring because they don’t have a female division” or “I can’t wait for the next ppv, the divas/women’s title match is going to be amazing”. TNA has the best women’s division and most people could care less. I don’t know why week after week I see people complaining about the divas. They are all talented and all beautiful, they are not the draw of any show and just as other male wrestlers are on the roster

    • mathew30

      I care becuase the current way the divas are, is using up time for actual decent matches. im fed up with all of the current rubbish thats displayed and they have had years to sort it out. heck it took lita and trish sometime before they broke through, how ever it was becuase they faught for it and management gave the diva division a damned chance

  • mjledesma

    If they are trying to revamp…..I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Joe

    T&A. Nothing but

  • Haley

    if the diva search didn’t exist, everything will be ok. they need to get rid of deadweight and just bring the womens title from the dead. this whole division died after trish and lita retired once the ds contestants start hogging up the spotlight and winning the belts/slammys more than the ones who wrestle better than them.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Half wrestlers, half whatever they wanna be…. Try if they must to make Kaitlyn the face of the Divas division with Tamina, Natalya, or Sara Del Ray the Monster Heel Diva. Tweak, tweak, tweak. Change every 6 months so it wont get stale after a while, and for fx sakes BRING BACK THE WOMEN'S CHAMPION TITLE BELT to make things real interesting, like a champion v. champion match b/w that and the Divas Champion title.
    That's one hell of a list to make this division better…. make it happen, HHH.
    Oh and have Stephanie be in charge of this division like Brooke think she does in TNA.

  • hurrigame

    As if they really care what we think…sounds like another craptastic concept akin to RAW Active or Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday.