WWE To Unveil New Raw Logo Tonight; View It Here

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WWE will unveil a new logo for Raw on this week's 1000th episode. The logo is pictured below:

News of the logo was first reported by TVLine.com and confirmed by WWE on Twitter.

  • Robbie

    I am proud to say my 12 year old sister did that 🙂

  • Logan_Walker

    Well thats a better looking logo for RAW no doubt this could be the end of there "RAW Supershow" ?

  • Nicola Ann

    Should have stuck with the old one, I'm not so keen on that one.

  • spatch

    i doubt thats the finished product

  • Ben

    So they removed the old border around RAW, and it's a "new" logo?

    • Guy Landau

      Mind you, the W doesn't have a line back now… And that makes it SO different.

  • AJ Devilin

    It looks similar IMO! they just removed that crappy silver background that they had for a while.

  • C.J. Lewis

    Cool, and it would also be awesome if they debuted a new set or look tonight.

  • Noah

    Now all they need is a new theme song, ditch nickel back

    • Mr.Love


  • Lars

    Really? How many man hours went into creating that? Seriously I did more impressive logos when drawing imaginary metal bands on my pencil case

  • Stephen

    Wow I was nervous at first to even look at it but now that I have, I like it alot. I thought it was going to be horrible but this is cool. Well done WWE.

  • aGirl

    A little bit too simple for me, I like the current one better

    • Liam

      I like that it’s simple, I don’t think they need complicated logos

  • wwefanatic

    Looks like 2002-2003 RAW logo.

  • Vince

    Expect new theme song

  • Looks like they treated their logo the same way they treat their wrestling: simplified and watered down.

  • Ken

    I wonder how much time and money they spent on that? It's not exactly the most… inspiring… logo they've ever had.

  • Jack

    i don't think that's it

  • Ken

    With new logo, there must come new theme music.

  • bigandtall419

    Its a sharp logo. Even if it is the old one revamped a little

  • PainOfDemise

    This is the time to also get a new set out there, new theme for raw along with their new logo. And most of all…show off a brand new WWE Championship title look.

  • Randy

    Wow it looks more classie

  • Randy

    But its alright and ken they do have a new theme song it’s called tonight is the night

  • daledesouzamma

    Forget "supershow". Might as well unify the belts and go back to the old model…you know, back when the belts MEANT something.

  • Guy Landau

    I think it's simple and to the point. A simple, elegant logo could be used to more effect and in more ways than the previous one, even if they are similar. This reminds me of the TNA logo change when Hogan came in.

  • Jay

    I think they should change the colour to something else??
    A new colour would freshen it up and make a different.

  • Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

  • Now they need a new smackdown logo and u hope undertaker stays for a couple more weeks who agress