Major Update On WWE Negotiating With A Top Star & Former WWE Champion About Returning To The Company Under A Part-Time Deal - Who It Is & What Is Stopping A Deal From Getting Done

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To follow-up on our earlier report regarding Triple H's recent talks with Dave Batista about a WWE return, we're told the company has been "very pleased" with how much The Rock and Brock Lesnar have been able to improve business despite the limited schedules they've worked. Because of this, they're willing to offer Batista a similar schedule.

The issue is really just coming down to money. Batista wants what was described to us as a "monster deal" to only work a few times a year and WWE doesn't see his worth as "anywhere close" to Rock or Brock.

We're told another issue is WWE not wanting to risk having to completely overhaul their pay scale if suddenly all the top guys want major full-time money for sporadic part-time appearances. Obviously there are many in the locker room that aren't happy about Brock and Rock working so little while making more than everybody else, but at least WWE is able to position it as Rock being a movie star and Brock being a UFC star, and therefore being more of outside celebrities than full-time wrestlers at this point.

Nobody really sees Batista as being at that level, and according to our source, Batista is going to have to come way down on his money demands if he wants to come in. He's eager to return part-time and Triple H is very much in favor of getting him back in the fold, but as seen with Steve Austin sitting out year after year, it's not always easy to get these deals done.

  • Chris

    Batista sucked!

  • sir-rusty82

    Batista deserves as good a deal as Jericho, the thing is Batista has tried MMA and the movie buisness and he didnt get half the recognition Rock and Brock got. If Vince didnt give Steve Austin the deal he wanted Batista doesnt deserve to come back, not saying it wouldnt be good to have him back but whats stopping Cena or Punk leaving the company and coming back afew years later and expecting this deal and then lets see what the future of the company will be like

    • Nostaljack

      Jericho is clearly back to do something Batista would never do: Help younger guys get over – something which I respect him for tremendously.

  • “He can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.”
    – Kurt Angle

  • Batista is playing his cards right, however so is WWE. This will come down to whichever side blinks first. My opinion is that Batista will be the one.

    • No it isn’t. WWE doesn’t need Batista. Batista needs WWE much more, and he isn’t worth that much to them for various reasons. It’s not about who blinks first because WWE isn’t playing a game. They’d love to have him back for a price they think he’s worth.

  • Frank Dinardo

    Vince should definatly give Austin the deal he wants Punk vs Austin is a huge money maker thats waiting to happen. As for Batista i kinda of agree with WWE that Batista is not on the level of pay as Rock and Brock but Batista definatly deserves a Jericho like schedule tho

    • John

      I’m sorry but i do not want to see Stone Cold back wrestling in a WWE ring! Bret Hart is my favourite wrestler ever & it was embarrassing to see him back in the ring against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 26.
      At least Bret vs. Vince was all about Bret kicking his ass as “revenge” for Montreal.. Watching Steve Austin try and actually work a match with CM Punk, one of the best workers in the company, would be horrible!

  • Nostaljack

    No desire to see Batista. Enough with the part-time talent. We have enough of it right now. No need to bring in more. It’s time to make starts out of the workers they already have. Goodbye, Batista…

    • Xavier


      • Nostaljack

        You’re not pronouncing his name correctly! It’s…


    • sir-rusty82

      This is just the beginning we are now in the part time era which Im hoping to see alot of old faces if wwe do it right they could have part timers stretched all the way threw the year and have alot more ratings to go all year round

  • T-Zone

    Formerly known as chelu671 (not that it matters).

    Before we write Batista off, lets see how well his name grows from his next 2 movies. He did good in Man with the Iron Fists which starred RZA. He can be seen in the upcoming Riddick movie, alongside Vin Diesel. The former Champion was just casted in Marvel Comics’ next (hopeful) 2014 blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy. The company is hoping the movie will be sucessful as Avengers before it. Batista will be playing Drax the Destroyer, which won’t be an Academy Award part. Give Batista some credit.

    I liked his final run as the Lex Luthor to John “Super” Cena. I wouldn’t mind him back, after Wrestlemania.

    • sir-rusty82

      You have a point that he could make it in the movies but the point is he hasnt yet and both the rock and brock have got the fame for people to come and see

  • I rather see Batista back than most guys, maybe even the rock now…..

  • Chris

    I think I have my next topic…