WWE Tough Enough Returning... On WWE Network

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The following new original programming is coming to WWE Network:

  • WWE Countdown Season 2
  • Monday Night War
  • WWE Tough Enough

You can read more in the recap of Thursday's WWE investor conference call.

  • Splat

    If Stone Cold is on it I’m game…

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      Yes. I will watch if Stone Cold hosts. I watched Redneck Island because of him.

  • Xavier

    I honestly don’t feel there is a need for Tough Enough with NXT on the network. Does anybody who comes off Tough Enough really amount to anything anyway? Hell the one guy who did make it somewhat big (John Morrison) was a upper midcard guy at best and he’s not even with the company anymore

    • Robert

      There was The Miz. He didn’t win it, but he is a former WWE Champion.

      • Splat

        Josh Mathews has been around awhile. He is not a in-ring worker but got his start from Tough Enough.

        That being said I don’t think it’s so much as WWE needing Tough Enough as it is WWE Network needing more shows.

      • Xavier

        You’re correct, I somehow overlooked that. I did enjoy Miz’ title reign. But outside of him & Morrison that show hasn’t produced much. I can’t remember how many seasons they’ve had but all & all the WWE doesn’t benefit from that show

  • They should make it public vote this time so if Stone Cold returns he picks his bottom guys and we vote someone off. They make more money, we get the guys we want to see.

  • I was just talking about this coming to the Network the other day. This makes me so happy! I can’t wait