WWE Touts 9 Facts About The Forthcoming WWE Network

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WWE posted an article on dot com titled "9 facts you NEED TO KNOW about WWE Network," touting attractive aspects of the forthcoming network that will change the pro wrestling business forever. Below are the highlights from the piece:

WWE Network costs less than two five dollar footlongs
Touting the price, WWE explains a subscription runs for six months at a time. They compare how the price of 6-months of the WWE Network is the same price as a single Wrestlemania ordered from a local cable or satellite prover, noting it's a "steal even Cryme Tyme couldn’t pull off."

WWE Network integrates into the WWE App
There is no separate App for the WWE Network on devices compatible for the WWE App. There will be an update to include it.

WWE Network supersizes Raw and SmackDown
There will be live Pre-Shows and Post-Shows for Raw and Smackdown, setting the stage and tying up the chaos each episode. Replays of the shows will also be offered, freeing up DVR space.

WWE Network has the cure for the common show
The company touts "unrestrained, uncensored and unedited" past programming "just the way you remember it." They say this is for fans of the Attitude Era before WWE went TV-PG.

WWE Network gets Extreme with the Big Boys
The WWE Network will include all past WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views.

WWE Network takes you to NXT
The company's developmental programming will be included.

WWE Network is available on most major platforms
The WWE Network will be available on "Desktops/Laptops, iOS and Android phones, Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Roku, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire."

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  • Kleck

    You had me at WWE Network

    • Steve pritchard

      Agreed ! Can’t wait to download app on my ps4.

  • Steve pritchard

    I have a question for anyone who can answer . I heard the subscription includes all ppv’s . I haven’t heard anything regarding it yet . I was wondering if anyone on wnw staff or someone on this comment forum can clarify this for me. . If that’s true . Then they already have me as a customer

    • BrooksOglesby

      Yep, all PPVs including WrestleMania. It seems like the only thing you don’t get with the Network is live episodes of Raw/Smackdown/Main Event (although I recall them noting that encores of future episodes would be available at a later date).

      • Steve pritchard

        Awesome thanks!

  • Tim

    So is it going to have the whole episode list of raw? Cause I’ve been wanting to rewatch it.

  • JJ

    You had me until cost…they should stop being greedy and find a company to just go with instead of having to have a special channel that everyone has to pay for.