WWE Trademarks "Boots To Asses" & "WWE Showdown"

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WWE has registered the trademark for The Rock's latest catch phrase - "Boots to Asses." Expect to see more merchandise with the phrase leading into Wrestlemania XXVIII next year.

WWE has also filed the trademark for "WWE Showdown." No word on plans for the usage.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Azlan Munir for their help with this information.

  • Josh in MN

    How about a parody made to the theme "These boots were made for walking". It could be called: "These boots were made for Ass-Whooping"!

  • The Breaker

    I hope "WWE Showdown" isn't the name for a new PPV..

  • @RatedMKD

    They'd probably trademark "Trending Now" is they could get away with it…

  • CaliburUK

    I guess Showdown has something to do with the network

  • Ilyas Omar

    I think the Rock should get a catchphrase like "The Rock Is Going To Whoop Your Ass Right Up Your Freki'n Ass!