WWE Travel, Plans For Lord Tensai, Hall Of Fame Ceremony Dress Code, Wrestlemania Weather

How do WWE workers mainly get from city to city - do they drive or fly?

A lot of it depends on the distance from the worker's home. Obviously, the closer the city is, the more likely they are to drive rather than fly. Some main event workers travel in their own tour buses as I recall Big Show bought a tour bus from country music singer Toby Keith a couple years ago. Not everyone can afford these arrangements, as WWE does not cover travel expenses.

When Lord Tensai debuts in WWE is he going to the main event or is he going to go down as a forgotten gimmick?

I can assure you WWE isn't airing vignettes to put out a "forgotten gimmick." I have heard two plans pitched for Lord Tensai. The original plan was to bring him in as "muscle" for John Laurinaitis while another plan had him booked against John Cena, both were slated to take place after Wrestlemania. Things change at a rapid pace but it looks like he could have a run at the top and at 39-years-old, that's a good thing for Matt Bloom.

I may be attending the WWE Hall Of Fame 2012 induction ceremony, I and I'm sure many others are wondering what the dress code is for this event?

Last year, WWE sent out an email to ticket holders and said the dress code was "business casual" and reminded the event was "upscale." If you have tickets, you should receive an email with this information. Last year, it was sent the night of the event. WWE will make sure all of their talent is dressed up in formal attire.

With Sunday's Wrestlemania XXVIII being outdoors at Sun Life Stadium, what will WWE do when it rains? Especially given the fact the Miami weather is so unpredictable and as of right now there is a 60% chance of rain.

I just checked the weather for Miami, Florida and there is a 40% chance of precipitation with "PM T-Storms" as the forecast. WWE obviously hopes the weather holds up, however, there will be a protective covering over the ring like there was when Wrestlemania was in Orlando in 2008.

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  • Jamie

    Thunderstorm? It's already gonna be "Electrifing!"

    • Brian

      Weather Channel says 20% of precipitation, things will be fine

    • James

      More like
      This Wrestlemania is going to be

      • Would anyone ggsuest any wrestling DVDs to cop? I bought the Rivals DVD when it came out and realized my wrestling DVDs collection is pretty small (The Rock and Y2J).

  • Marc

    I’m happy for A-Train and that seasoned vets like Mark Henry and Kane got some serious pushes in the past year. I personally remember prince Albert teaming up with Test (rip) but lets see what he can do by himself.

  • Trippster

    Richard, I know it’s a busy time right now, but do you have to answer every ” WWE travel”question?

    • wnwdotcom2

      I actually find the travel questions interesting and I'd much rather discuss what actually happens behind-the-scenes than:

      * Why is so-and-so not getting pushed? Will they be pushed?


      * Why is so-and-so not in the WWE Hall of Fame? Will they ever been in the HoF?

      We get a ton of questions each day and it's my responsibility to pick four that are the most interesting. I try and keep them relevant to what is going on and give something for everyone.

      • Ronnie

        Richard, Do you have to be a Premium account to ask a question?

        • wnwdotcom2

          Open to all. Just click the form.

      • Trippster

        I also enjoy the behind the scenes more and agree with all you said, it just seems like I’ve heard you answer that same question time and time again. Maybe I should stop hating

      • craig

        i thought wwe covers flights from the wrestlers home to the start of a loop and home after raw/smackdown. has this changed?

  • Chandan

    I got some questions, depend upon if u want to publish….WNW seems protect toward WWE….coz, the blog writer is too much anti-TNA…unlike TNA play-by-play writer….also spoliers are for prenimum writers….god sake TNA is bad but they are drawing 1 something ratting…no words for Ring Ka King…(anyone knows RDX)….and questions are when rey or chirstian or del will back…no words about sabin…..

    • wnwdotcom2

      I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      • Chandan

        Just wanna know simple….why TNA spoliers are upper cast reader (read preminum)

        • wnwdotcom2

          From what I can decipher, Impact Wrestling taping results are available to Premium Members live and made available to everyone the next morning. Our IW writer is on-staff and this is our site's policy in order to keep them from getting stolen.

  • Chandan

    one last thing rich….I am fan of your site….I post 4 comment…but if this time you dont post it….wonder….#welcomeToHell….

    • Matt Scott

      You really don't seem to bright.

    • Frenchfry

      Who is this Roody Poo?

    • JackBo

      Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?

      • I had to put my head down the second time Cena put on the STF. I was too ecrasd to look, and relied upon my headphones to hear a slapping hand on the mat and a chorus of boos. Then the audience erupted, I lifted my head, and there was CM Punk with the Anaconda Vice.God, that’s what professional wrestling should be.

    • Mike

      I think what Chan is trying to say here is, “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

  • Colin

    WTF? That reads like total gibberish.

  • thatguy

    Living in FLA its good for you to know that when you look at weather reports further than a week ahead of time its ALWAYS like 60-90% chance of rain, then by the that day its 0-15%. Unlike most states, here it can rain in one area then two blocks down be perfectly sunny. SO shouldn't worry to much. Though I hope it doesn't rain seeing ill be there.

    As for the HOF, just decent pants and at the very least a button up collared shirt is best

    • thatguy

      Which to my point. its already down to 10% chance

    • I know you always talk about Randy Orton vovidilging into an armed snake man, but that gif continues to prove that Randy’s at his best when he’s vovidilging into that weird Muppet thing that would always eat Kermit in those old black and white commercials.

  • Ian P.

    Hi Richard,
    With the vignettes of Lord Tensai and you saying how they wouldn't waste time on not pushing him, etc, then what happened with the re-packaging of Ezekiel Jackson. After he dropped the IC title, he went away for a while and they started to re-air videos for his return. Then when he finally returned nothing really happened. Any reason why or it was a matter of timing?

  • James Mitchell

    My brain hurts a little after reading Chandan’s posts.

  • John

    When Wladimir Klitschko fought David Haye in Germany, it was held in an outdoor arena & it was absolutely pouring with rain, but there was a large canopy over the ring which meant there was absolutely no problems whatsoever!

    Don't see why everyone keeps bringing it up to be honest. Even if there's a huge downpour, it won't effect things at WM.