WWE Tribute To The Troops; Abdullah The Butcher Reportedly Tests Positive For Hepatitis C

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- The Fayetteville Observer has a new article online on a military family attending last night's WWE Tribute to the Troops show at this link. WWE Tribute to the Troops will air tomorrow night from 8-10 PM EST on the USA Network and Saturday from 9-10 PM EST on NBC. Brooks Oglesby has full taping results online here.

- From a good story to a bad one, word going around last week was that Abdullah the Butcher's blood test he provided to the legal representation of Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson tested positive for Hepatitis C. Nicholson is suing Abby for allegedly giving him the disease.

  • Nostaljack

    I'd be more amazed if the test came back negative. Abby has "bladed" so many times over the course of his career that he had to have contracted something by now.

  • Maze

    The question I would like to know is if Vince will take him out of the WWE HOF knowing he has Hep c?

    • xjcms

      hava take out superstar billy graham and have xpac banned from wwe too, now both xpac and abdullah had matches knowing they both had it,, lacy von erich and nigel mcguiness prob others too

  • sportsman6100

    Who cares about the WWE HOF. it is a promotional tactic. Basically if Vince likes you, you’re in. There is no criteria for the HOF. Putting Abdullah in with no in ring talent, other than just slicing himself and others open, shows just how big of a joke it really is.