WWE Tribute To The Troops Draws Abysmal Viewing Audience On NBC

Saturday night's one hour version of WWE Tribute to the Troops on NBC only drew a viewing audience of 1,310,000 viewers. The number was the lowest amongst the networks for the night.

The two hour version of the show that aired on the USA Network Wednesday night did an average viewing audience of 2,340,000 viewers.  You can read our original report at this link.

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  • The Breaker

    If there's any show during the year that we know WWE isn't really paying attention to ratings, it is Tribute to the Troops.

    • Kleck

      It’s admirable that they have a show dedicated to the troops.

      • Yeah, people have been saying that since the first one. We get it, Vinnie Mac is 'Murican.

      • Snap

        I agree, though I thought the show was a bit more special when it was WWE taking themselves to the troops outside of the country as opposed to a military base within the US.

  • Jon

    Not surprised. Anyone that really wanted to see it probably caught it when it was on the first time.

  • Yoyoyo

    Does this really surprise anyone? the wrestling viewing audience is a very very small percentage of who watches television any given night. But Vinny Mac doesn’t care. He’ still

    Making money hand over fist.

  • JJshorty83

    was that mic foley as santa at the end of the show?

  • Evon Reese

    Who watches NBC

  • Grinchy McGrump

    Mushy sentiment can only take you so far for so long, I guess.
    I mean, seriously, if military folks were conscripted against their will then that would be different, but no one's making them join up. They know what they're getting into when they sign up. After that everything they go through is the job they agreed to do and they get paid for it the same as anyone else gets paid for any other job. Why they even deserve a special is beyond me.